2019 Tyyni • Round 1 Front 9 • Tina Oakley • Kristin Tattar • Antonia Faber • View Georgiou

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2019 Tyyni • Round 1 Front 9
Featuring: Tina OakleyKristin TattarAntonia FaberView Georgiou
Commentary: Jenni Eskelinen • Mika Ylisaukko-oja
Camera: The Disc Golf Guy
Edit: The Disc Golf Guy
Europe's largest disc golf event is here and I am so happy to bring you the first round, feature card coverage brought to you by Tyyni, Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, Ford and Natural Born Disc Golfer.
Four women are representing four different countries in this opening round with Tina Oakley from the United States, Kristin Tattar from Estonia, Antonia Faber from Germany and View Georgiou from Thailand.
Thank you to Jenni and Mika for providing the commentary on the action.
Thank you to Gabriel Särkelä, Juha Kytö and all of the sponsors and supporters for making the event and my coverage happen.
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  • In my next life I hope I come back as Kristin Tattars pants

    Austin CoffmanAustin CoffmanVuosi sitten
  • Stalker on the roof @ 25.15-26.51 :D

    Egert PaatEgert PaatVuosi sitten
  • Great coverage. The play was average

    TimTimVuosi sitten
    • @Permaculture Homestead I'm only on hole 3 so I can't speak on this fully - but to be fair, Kristin is the only player here who I would consider to be elite or have elite potential, the other gals are at least a couple tiers lower.

      Pat MPat MVuosi sitten
    • what are you rated homie?

      Permaculture HomesteadPermaculture HomesteadVuosi sitten
  • 1. Love to see Tina back. 2. Love the international card. 3. Did James Conrad see the small tee pads and just say no and walk away?

    Doc XenDoc XenVuosi sitten
  • I love watching Kristin Tattar play!!! She is so beautiful!!! 😍

    Hatchet manHatchet manVuosi sitten
  • Tina's forehands: I woulnd't be surprised if Tina and Eric have a prenup where it says they each have to have a good forehand :P

    Henrik ÖsterbergHenrik ÖsterbergVuosi sitten
  • Hole 1: not expecting birdies? not even MPO really tried to birdie that hole with that fast green and those bunkers so close :D.. Hole 2: not sure how flippy discs they threw but Kristin should be able to reach the green in 2 with her saint pro, its really a slight anhyzer with a straight disc not so much a turnover thats needed to get through the gap...

    Henrik ÖsterbergHenrik ÖsterbergVuosi sitten
    • @Doc Xen I didn't really mean it like that, I was just highlighting the fact that the MPO also wasn't going for the birdie on hole 1 unless their drive ended up a lot better than they expected. The distance isnt much of a challenge by itself when it's that far downhill but those bunkers are right where you want to land your shot and the green there is a manicured golf fairway so its super fast. Having a dropzone in a nasty place for any ob off the tee was also not promoting aggressive play =)

      Henrik ÖsterbergHenrik ÖsterbergVuosi sitten
    • i wondered if i was just being oversensitive but yea that announcer was a bit off on the women.

      Doc XenDoc XenVuosi sitten
  • This course looks really fun!

    HatchieeOGHatchieeOGVuosi sitten