2019 Portland Open - Final Round Part 1 - Gibson, McMahon, Paju, Perkins

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Drew Gibson, Eagle McMahon, Seppo Paju, and Nathan Perkins tackle the ever demanding Blue Lake disc golf course just outside Portland Oregon. This is final round chase card action, may 27th, 2019,
Commentary by Ian Anderson and Nathan Perkins
Results here :


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  • I know this is old but nate Perkins on commentary is seriously 👍

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    • 💯👍

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  • I hope I get to watch this live this season. Work better give me time off or I'll quit!

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  • I am absolutely dead at Seppos baseball pants.

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  • Cat that ate the canary... I understood immediately, then you said.... my dads saying. Oh yea I'm 56. Lolol it is an old saying. Sylvester n tweety cartoons will help with a visual.

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  • Good stuff from Nate for sure. Great commentary as usual.

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  • Really green sport!

    Jarkko HeikkinenJarkko HeikkinenVuosi sitten
  • Remember folk’s.this sport will be bigger than original golf some day.

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  • UFO @ 17:56

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  • I've said it before and I'll say it again. We need more Nate Perkins commentary, dude knows his shit!

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  • The other two in the top 5 crushers would be Simon and GG, right?

    Caleb StarrCaleb StarrVuosi sitten
    • Yup!

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  • Really enjoying the down to earth and modest commentary by Nate and yourself. Great coverage per the usua ;)

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  • Nate is a wonderful commentator

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  • Fan of Nate for life. I got to play with him after winning advanced in a playoff with Perkins. He’s a great guy, and good to see him on ccdg

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  • Beautiful coverage, thank you!!

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  • What was the go with Paige bringing Nate a couple of yellow putters at the end of hole 4?

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  • thanks for the great coverage as always guys

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  • Has anybody found a burgundy Escape on hole 5? Lost it going over that mound last time i played. Whoever finds it can keep it. LOL!

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  • Great stuff all around. Nate is really a great player and commentator.

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  • Spectacular footage. Thanks CCDG!

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  • Did you just say "choice"?

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  • No disrespect intended; Drew really needs to just nuke his putt and start over from scratch. Its not just "the yips" tho that might be part of it is also a bad technique that will never be all that effective regardless of how much work he puts into it.

    Peter mercilPeter mercilVuosi sitten
    • Yeah. Do you really think he practices putting like that with that pause? Seems like a huge momentum killer in the down swing.

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  • 30:28 This is not a destroyer. The rim is too small. Probably a firebird.

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  • Awesome video and wonderful commentary I appreciate y'all!! Maybe will see you guys one day, till then, Much Love from Brookings Oregon.

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  • CCDG

    ChrisChrisVuosi sitten
  • And now I know Drew is a human sized person! Thanks CCDG! Hi Mo

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  • Nate is such a classy commentator.

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  • Is it impressive to see a disc roll 130M? :) How about 160M or 200M?

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  • 6:43 "it's a reacharound straddle". Hmmmmmm, not sure I want to be on the same card with Nate - not that there's anything wrong with that! Ha ha ha.

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    • 😂😂

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  • Hole 3.. I swear somebody broke 70 mph with a flick in one of the last two coverages you've posted. I can't remember who it was though.

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    • You could be right!

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  • maybe my fave commentary duo

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  • Very enjoyable coverage and commentary, thanks!

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  • Squirrel looked super pissed at Gibson"s roller on hole 7.

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  • Nate and Ian’s voices are very easy on the ear. 😄

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  • So fantastic had to watch chase card first

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  • Your camera work is amazing guys!

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    • Ty so much!

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  • EMac call them "fat kid climbing over the fence putts." It makes more sense that way.

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  • I would drink the hell out of a beer brewed by Nate Doss

    Blake ProffittBlake ProffittVuosi sitten
  • I really enjoy Nate’s commentary. He strikes me as a real student of the game and a stoked spectator at the same time!

    McCallMeTheBreezeMcCallMeTheBreezeVuosi sitten
    • Student of the Game ? He is a professor and one of the world's top pros.

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  • Thank you for your coverage. Your hardwork does not go unnoticed. You will be passed 100k before you know it

    Mitch TrubiskyMitch TrubiskyVuosi sitten
  • Love the graphics on the drone shots!!

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  • Drew Gibson 6 foot "short" fml

    D FlewD FlewVuosi sitten
    • Drew G is 5'8". His wingspan is 6'.

      geargearVuosi sitten
    • They think he is short cause they are skinny or fat? Muscles have left modern society.

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  • This round needs Tyler's commentary.

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  • “Stabba the putt” on hole 3

    Austin WehuntAustin WehuntVuosi sitten
  • The facebook spoiler by the PDGA is pure ass.

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  • Love the chase card coverage with the Discmania boys plus Seppo and the beast Gibson!!!

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  • Such gooood golf! Thanks for the coverage 🙏🏼

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  • I like Nate's commentary. Thank you CCDG.

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  • Nate's putt looks like he's doing a card trick. it's fun to watch. Like is he birdieing or is he popping balloons with an ace of spades?

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  • Anybody call a balk on Drew? :)

    Seth HeasleySeth HeasleyVuosi sitten
  • Great coverage as always! My only suggestion: I feel like adding the music to the slow motion replay of putts feels out of place. I love the music for the transitions in between holes but it felt like the hole was over on the slowmo and there were still other players to putt out.

    Nathan MNathan MVuosi sitten
    • Central Coast Disc Golf I think different music would be ideal, but hey that’s just my opinion. Still a great video all around. I appreciate what you guys do!

      Nathan MNathan MVuosi sitten
    • I tried no music, and wasn't a fan. Maybe just a different song?

      Central Coast Disc GolfCentral Coast Disc GolfVuosi sitten
  • Oh man 360p took me back to 2014 there for a minute, then Nate brought it up too!. Ian, thanks for the coverage as always, I still miss Corey.

    Jake DriverJake DriverVuosi sitten
  • Full res in full force! All I had to do was back out and re open the video!!

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  • Oh boy this is exciting!!!

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  • Cannot wait so I'll take the 360p.

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  • So excited for coverage!

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  • Are there any spoilers for the lead card in this video?

    Davy CrocketDavy CrocketVuosi sitten
    • @Central Coast Disc Golf Thank you sir. Awesome coverage 👍 appreciate it

      Davy CrocketDavy CrocketVuosi sitten
    • In part 2 yeah

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  • 360p 1 minute club. Thanks Ian.

    H KH KVuosi sitten
    • @George Brown yeah youtube uploads a lower res before a high one finishes rendering. Should be higher in a little bit.

      David GarciaDavid GarciaVuosi sitten
    • H K what does that mean? Will higher res show up later?

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  • Well....This is a great card on a great course with great coverage and great commentary.... this is great

    Danny McColliganDanny McColliganVuosi sitten
    • @Central Coast Disc Golf Yeah sorry I've been so flaky recently, things have been getting super cereal.

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    • Tony the tiger, is that you?

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  • First! Lets go CCDG!

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