2019 LVC | FINALF9 | McBeth, Heimburg, Anthon, Keegan

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You're watching coverage of the Men at the 2019 Las Vegas Challenge, the PDGA's National Tour Opener!
Lead Card:
Paul McBeth
Calvin Heimburg
Josh Anthon
Dustin Keegan
Nate Sexton
Jeremy Koling
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    JomezProJomezProVuosi sitten
    • Loving the new scoring format. Way to go, JomezPro!!

      fb341fb341Vuosi sitten
    • great coverage as always guys! love the constant score cards and thanks for bringing back meters! :)

      daspmandaspmanVuosi sitten
    • great job in coverage guys, couldn't ask for two better commentators!

      Alejandro MateosAlejandro MateosVuosi sitten
    • Love the hole by hole updates & the new features! Amazing work guys

      Tim da ToolmannTim da ToolmannVuosi sitten
    • very tight Final round, keeps it interesting. Great coverage as always JomezPro!

      Brian CrawfordBrian CrawfordVuosi sitten
  • "he just doesn't throw bad shots, maybe ever." "ya that's the best way to play disc golf if you think about it."

    Fisher AndersonFisher Anderson8 kuukautta sitten
  • Great content as always guys!!!! Keep it up!!!!

    Harry DalvineHarry Dalvine11 kuukautta sitten
  • Always love the coverage, fellas. Gotta say, might even like a disc more.

    Jack SchuknechtJack Schuknecht11 kuukautta sitten
  • Buzzzkill!!!! Lololol

    Lance WilsonLance WilsonVuosi sitten
  • Big Jerm on Hole 8: “buzzkill” 😂

    Speedy.NathanSpeedy.NathanVuosi sitten
  • Where’s Macbeth front 9 round two at

    Dylin GodfreyDylin GodfreyVuosi sitten
  • My recommended page has turned pure green

    Andi De KosterAndi De KosterVuosi sitten
  • Wooh!!

    FullBlast ZachFullBlast ZachVuosi sitten
  • Y'all just a bunch of flipping rippers!

    Bubien GuitarsBubien GuitarsVuosi sitten
  • Love ur videos! By far the best in DG videos!!

    Cory ledgerwoodCory ledgerwoodVuosi sitten
  • I serious can't watch Anthon throw. He's like textbook what NOT to do, and yet he scores well. He's the Goofus of discgolf technique, and literally everyone else is the Gallant.

    Darth SchlubDarth SchlubVuosi sitten
  • 9:35 someone forgot to turn down the music clip in Sony Vegas lmao

    BouncinBrandonBouncinBrandonVuosi sitten
  • Awesome front nine. On to the thrilling back 9. Thanks Jomez. Those disk are pretty cool.

    Susan HayesSusan HayesVuosi sitten
  • 10:50 and 22:10

    Ayo_SharkyAyo_SharkyVuosi sitten
  • 10:00

    Ayo_SharkyAyo_SharkyVuosi sitten
  • Thanks for the great coverage from all the tournaments! It was fun watching.

    Andrew RickeyAndrew RickeyVuosi sitten
  • Big S Commentary is great. Humor is good for disc golf.

    Gray AndersonGray AndersonVuosi sitten
  • Hi Gramaw.

    Gray AndersonGray AndersonVuosi sitten
  • Please don't ever do that silly slow mo thing with the inro. to the players. Don't get us wrong, we love ya all over there at JoMezPro. Your coverage is awesome and creative! We really like the "No Mez" and we are looking forward to the "ToeMez". By the way, My Sons and I have given the multi colorful follow flights a name for you. We call them, "ColoPolyFlights" . That one was fur freee. Freee Wiweeee Out.

    Gray AndersonGray AndersonVuosi sitten
  • I'm loving the new scorecard look on the videos. Really helps those that don't know players yet.

    Joshua TegelerJoshua TegelerVuosi sitten
  • Watching my homeboy, Josh Anthon, play the LVC. Great coverage and he seems to be playing good, go Josh.

    William JamesWilliam JamesVuosi sitten
  • You guys are the best!

    P WoolyP WoolyVuosi sitten
  • I was hooked the second I saw my disc fly 100 ft. But even so, if I wasnt.. your effort in doing these videos and breaking the round down like you do would have had the same impact. Im in for life. Lets go Jomezpro!!

    Mijail ElenesMijail ElenesVuosi sitten
  • Next-level coverage as always!

    Seth StanleySeth StanleyVuosi sitten
  • O.o

    Fredrik GFredrik GVuosi sitten
  • Love the big sexy commentary

    Micheal WigginsMicheal WigginsVuosi sitten
  • man this has been an exciting tournament fasho!!!! Love the array of shots on these holes....tons of angles study. keep em coming!!!

    Rusty KnotsRusty KnotsVuosi sitten
  • Love the video

    Henry FitzsimmonsHenry FitzsimmonsVuosi sitten
  • Paul wasn't in the lead. Why is his name first mentioned in the title. Give respect on card order when it is earned next time.

    Daniel RodriguezDaniel RodriguezVuosi sitten
  • On Dustin Keegan’s 16th birdie when the ad popped up for innova I jumped

    Pitter PatterPitter PatterVuosi sitten
  • Why should i watch the ladies coverage now, when you just told us who won!? :(

    Daniel IvarssonDaniel IvarssonVuosi sitten
  • Great coverage, great camera work, solid editing, so great to see everything come together so nicely. Watched some of the DGPT coverage of the memorial before bouncing back over here and its just not the same without Jomez. They need some major help and improvement to even get in the same realm as the Jomez crew.

    Grimm SopGrimm SopVuosi sitten
  • Pauls shot was soooooooo close.

    Nod LNod LVuosi sitten
  • Pick me pick me pick me!!!!!

    Chase LapeyrouseChase LapeyrouseVuosi sitten
  • What a great round, was great watching thnx guys!

    Justin HawkinsJustin HawkinsVuosi sitten
  • Brutal nomez! Anyone's game at this point. Here we go!

    Andrew BrownAndrew BrownVuosi sitten
  • Hole 8 while Dustin Keegan throws his shot, BJ said “he just doesn’t throw bad shot, ever” followed by Nate saying “ that’s the best way to play disc golf if you think about it 🤣🤣🤣 Coverage and commentary are always my favorite. When I get time while on my deployment I watch as much disc golf as possible and comments like these two have always make me laugh! Can’t thank you all enough for what you do for me! So hey I’m subscribed, I commented and liked the video! Hook a brother up! Keep on keepin on Jomez Pro! Randy

    RandallRandallVuosi sitten
  • Coverage is top notch as always. Miss the old drone music that got me to notice and recognize your channel. Kind of like your trademark but I'll get over it.

    R. WagonerR. WagonerVuosi sitten
  • Yes

    Mattias TunholmMattias TunholmVuosi sitten
  • Awesome stuff here

    Andrew BuistAndrew BuistVuosi sitten
  • You guys are the best. I wish all coverage was like Jomez with big sexy!

    brobroschatbrobroschatVuosi sitten
  • Would love to win a big sexy disc

    SurvivalPunkSurvivalPunkVuosi sitten
  • Nice weather can't come soon enough. (from MN)

    Ethan EldridgeEthan EldridgeVuosi sitten
  • Love what you guys are doing for the sport!

    Nels RaisanenNels RaisanenVuosi sitten
  • New intro throwing me off a bit but same great commentary, love it!

    John ButineJohn ButineVuosi sitten
  • I want you discs

    Albin NordlanderAlbin NordlanderVuosi sitten
  • Love the new edit for 2019!

    Otso-Olavi MäkiOtso-Olavi MäkiVuosi sitten
  • The best coverage the best commentary team as always!!! Can’t wait for what’s to come this year!!

    Benjamin FeeseBenjamin FeeseVuosi sitten
  • CRAM

    Nolan Williams 31Nolan Williams 31Vuosi sitten
  • ** SPOILER ALERT** 13:20 spoils hows the women's card ends

    laricwasherelaricwashereVuosi sitten
  • Jomez is back!

    blargy72blargy72Vuosi sitten
  • Thanks for the great coverage as always!

    Pierce MonroePierce MonroeVuosi sitten
  • Gets better every year.

    JonJonVuosi sitten
  • Great coverage guys! Love the content

    Mike SaucierMike SaucierVuosi sitten
  • Loving this tournament and coverage! What the fans come to see!

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  • Background music cool,, but a bit too loud

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  • Awesome coverage

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  • Good start to the year! The course is pretty good but I can’t wait for the more challenging courses!

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  • phenomenal coverage as always! Loved the great camera work, high quality vids. incorporate more no-mez shots, big time McBeast fan, but that was seriously hilarious. keep up the good work!

    Alejandro MateosAlejandro MateosVuosi sitten
  • I love seeing Paul hit eagles in the race for a win. He has such a fire!

    Ryan YoungbloodRyan YoungbloodVuosi sitten
  • Awesome work guys!

    Martin FalbergMartin FalbergVuosi sitten
  • Another great tourney, with A grade commentary!! Thanks fellas!

    Richard olveraRichard olveraVuosi sitten
  • Nice

    sebastian moyersebastian moyerVuosi sitten
  • High quality content always. Stay blessed JoMez!

    Joshua KellerJoshua KellerVuosi sitten
  • Love the new features!! Keep up the great work

    Tim da ToolmannTim da ToolmannVuosi sitten
  • Paul's got that mesmerizing form/power on that last one.

    cade_olsoncade_olsonVuosi sitten

    egeiger08egeiger08Vuosi sitten
  • Jomez does an excellent job at covering these tourneys, this is the only site I like to use when watching the pros.

    matt boltonmatt boltonVuosi sitten
  • Gotta love the Las Vegas challenge every year

    Henry PachecoHenry PachecoVuosi sitten
  • great content 10/10

    DanielDanielVuosi sitten
  • I don't know if Paul throws the Discrafts nearly as well as the Innovas

    J MannixxJ MannixxVuosi sitten
  • I want a big sexy disc and buckles

    ruben saldanaruben saldanaVuosi sitten
  • Great as usual!

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  • Great commentary and coverage as always! Thank you guys so much! Can't wait for the GBO

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  • You guys are the best! Thanks for the new content

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  • Big Sexy best commentary of all sports!! That's right I said it!!

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  • Oh yeah

    2much2handle2much2handleVuosi sitten
  • So excited that Jomez is back for tour coverage!

    Rob FRob FVuosi sitten
  • Better commentary this year. Really on target with whats going on on the course. I did like their banter back and forth last year but unless you are into disc golf it wouldn't have made sense to someone trying to watch it for the first time. This year feels like it is next level commentary. Good job. Plus these finishes were fantastic in both MPO and FPO.

    Mountain StormMountain StormVuosi sitten
  • loving the content!!!

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  • J0m3z 4 L1f3

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  • The scores for individual holes at the bottom of the screen for each player is my favorite improvement for 2019. Keep up the great work Jomez!

    Volsfan7Volsfan7Vuosi sitten
  • Loving the coverage

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  • Great coverage! Thanks.

    Elias GarciaElias GarciaVuosi sitten
  • I like the video. I am subscribed and I want to win a prize! Keep up the amazing work all of you

    Steven BarrySteven BarryVuosi sitten
  • I like the video. I am subscribed and I want to win a prize! Keep up the amazing work all of you

    Steven BarrySteven BarryVuosi sitten
  • Hearing some smooth voices tell me what's going on

    Max HowesMax HowesVuosi sitten
  • I like the new hole-by-hole statistic where you see how everyone is doing on the current 9.

    baboKeisaribaboKeisariVuosi sitten
  • Just perfect.

    ObideisnassObideisnassVuosi sitten
  • The audio needs to be adjusted BIG time on the hole previews and the j tried to the hole previews. Damn near blew my speakers out and al.ost woke the kiddo up haha.

    talulah2113talulah2113Vuosi sitten
    • Well I guess it was only hole 3 so far..

      talulah2113talulah2113Vuosi sitten
  • Can't believe Dustin made that come back huge shocker. Love watching Big Sexy commentary, love the coverage. Big shout out from western Nebraska, hope someday I can make it down to play the course.

    Justin hopkinsJustin hopkinsVuosi sitten
  • Great finish from Calvin! Can't wait to see what he does next

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  • Thanx guys!

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  • Great job guys. Consistently one of the best commentaries in disc golf.

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  • Beautiful coverage

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  • Thanks for the excellent coverage, good camera work and overall high quality video. This is definitely helping to promote and grow the sport. Also, the Big Sexy commentary makes this much more entertaining to watch!

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