2019 Jonesboro Open - MPO Chase Card - R2F9 - Lizotte, McBeth, Dickerson, Presnell

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Join us for coverage of the 2nd Round MPO Chase card from the 2019 Jonesboro Open.
The conditions and course make for a very difficult second round that was played over 2 days.

  • I'm a simple man. I see a card with Simon and Paul on it and I click.

    Joshua SchroaderJoshua Schroader5 kuukautta sitten
  • correct me if i'm wrong - is there absolutely zero footage, edited or raw, of the second round lead card at this tournament? and the only footage of the final round is the live 3.5 hour nonsense?

    Andrew ChoateAndrew ChoateVuosi sitten
  • Jomez is way better I wanted to watch this event and then put it off because of coverage. I want to here real players commentating. I miss central coast disc golf, where did they go

    Samuel JonesSamuel JonesVuosi sitten
  • We watched Simon crush a 550 ft shot a few weeks ago in NY! Everyone just started laughing bc it was almost unrealistic to watch! hahaha Awesome!

    cody christianocody christianoVuosi sitten
  • Lol 48 degrees is not cold get a loaf of -48

    JCannon465JCannon465Vuosi sitten
  • Color guy is too creepy in my headphones sorry

    MastashakeMastashakeVuosi sitten
  • Love it. Great job, guys. When it comes down to it, we all just want to watch disc golf that's filmed and produced well enough so we can actually see what's happening, and have it commentated well enough to fill in the gaps where we can't see exactly what's happening, and to give us insight that will help us understand the game better. You've done that, and more. I'm looking forward to more from AnhyzerTV.

    Damon DuehringDamon DuehringVuosi sitten
  • No offense but terry wtf you guys are terrible. Bring back jomez and ccdg. This is hard to watch like I would rather have all my teeth pulled one by one then watch anymore of this. Thanks for ruining televised disc golf.. #discapointed

    Jeff ChauvinJeff ChauvinVuosi sitten
    • Jeff Chauvin who’s Terry?

      AnhyzerDGAnhyzerDGVuosi sitten
  • Great coverage, great camera work, great commentary, and I raise a glass to whoever did the audio editing. Subbing.

    Jordan SJordan SVuosi sitten
  • Where’s the lead card? Shouldn’t that come first?

    G ScottG ScottVuosi sitten
  • Great Job guys but, why can't I find lead card coverage anywhere can anyone tell me where I can watch it?

    Danika IsaacDanika IsaacVuosi sitten
  • Give the man some swag points for the leaner. Lol.

    Last firstLast firstVuosi sitten
  • leaps and bounds better than anything the DGPT has put out all year. great job guys.

    Scott ByersScott ByersVuosi sitten
  • So hard to watch compared to the boys over at jomez. Not sure why they got removed from this one....

    Ezra RomineEzra RomineVuosi sitten
  • Commentary is a little mind numbing but video is better than it was. Just do whatever jomez does it's perfect dont stray from the gold standard.

    bikerbrandon1bikerbrandon1Vuosi sitten
    • Only Jomez can do what Jomez does. This is what we were able to do on short notice and no experience.

      AnhyzerDGAnhyzerDGVuosi sitten
  • Where are these sissys from that 48 degrees is "very cold"?

    D TD TVuosi sitten
    • It wasn't the 48 degrees. It was the combination of 48, wind and rain. That's what made it cold. ;-)

      AnhyzerDGAnhyzerDGVuosi sitten
  • Great coverage and commentary. Not easy conditions!! Really appreciate the video. Dig the AnhyzerTV Tee Talk. Cheers!

    Benjamin BidlackBenjamin BidlackVuosi sitten
  • Simon wants to smash.. lol

    henry manahanhenry manahanVuosi sitten
  • @29:50 ish- did he say McMeth? 😆

    Scott BraconnierScott BraconnierVuosi sitten
  • Decent Coverage, but the commentary... needs some work.

    Jacob A.M.Jacob A.M.Vuosi sitten
  • Thank you, AnhyzerTV. Nicely filmed and commentated. Enjoyable to watch and listen.

    Chris DaviesChris DaviesVuosi sitten
  • Take notes dgpt.........thx guys

    Bobby SwainBobby SwainVuosi sitten
  • Wow, this would be the type of post-production I would dream to see from a DGPT event. Actually some really great coverage, I’d even say it’s fantastic.

    Benjamin EricBenjamin EricVuosi sitten
  • Steve Dodge is a DISK!

    SirDirtTrashcanSirDirtTrashcanVuosi sitten
  • Chris Dickerson's putt was in on hole 8 if they would have left the basket how it was. XD

    Richard BarrettRichard BarrettVuosi sitten
  • Lol never mind they answered my question on hole 2😂😂

    Zed LeppelinZed LeppelinVuosi sitten
  • Where’s the first round coverage??

    Zed LeppelinZed LeppelinVuosi sitten
    • Smashboxx did it but it's not very good coverage

      nels hillstromnels hillstromVuosi sitten
  • Nice job guys! Its really to bad lead card coverage is unwatchable..........but you guys did a great job! Thank you for your dedication!

    porter375porter375Vuosi sitten
    • What channel was the lead card on?

      filoIIIfiloIIIVuosi sitten
  • Chris and Andrew have the same PDGA number.

    Jesse BradfordJesse BradfordVuosi sitten
  • This so so much better than DGPT. Thank you!!!

    Clint JohnsonClint JohnsonVuosi sitten
  • Bang up job team, thanks for the footage in the crap weather. I enjoyed the laid back commentary as well.

    JJBudinskiJJBudinskiVuosi sitten
  • When was the last time Paul has back to back bogeys?

    M. ChristM. ChristVuosi sitten
    • This was probably his first 😀

      RandomJooleRandomJooleVuosi sitten
  • While this is better than the last PT coverage, I still feel that we took a step back this year for coverage of our growing sport. No offense to those working there butts off out there because I know it's not me. But last year we were damn near ESPN level production quality, and this is not that good. Sorry I'm not sorry

    Alec RevenAlec RevenVuosi sitten
    • Alec Reven we’d need a LOT more money to be ESPN quality. Join us over on Patreon. Your support helps!

      AnhyzerDGAnhyzerDGVuosi sitten
  • So happy for watchable footage. Wish I guys had the lead card also

    hairlessyettiehairlessyettieVuosi sitten
  • I thought Chris Dickerson would pull out a rifle and shoot those geese / ducks / whatever the hell they were during the "anhyzer tv tee-talk"

    sfincione2000sfincione2000Vuosi sitten
  • What's the reason there is no coverage for lead card? I've noticed this for a few other tourneys this year as well.

    Eric EdmondEric EdmondVuosi sitten
    • From what ive gathered (surprised dg ultiworld doesn't write a story on this) dgpt basically blocked ccdg and jomez from lead card coverage, promised they'd replace it with their own crew, tried for one tourney and got criticized so heavily they gave up completely and now provide no coverage of lead card other than (sometimes) live. A bit odd

      Andrew ChoateAndrew ChoateVuosi sitten
  • Don't get me wrong, I love me some Big Sexy commentary, but I think I prefer this style of commentary from non-players. This is a nice mix of color and play-by-play. Well done.

    Conner WilliamsConner WilliamsVuosi sitten
    • @Darrell Morris No disrespect intended - I meant professional touring players.

      Conner WilliamsConner WilliamsVuosi sitten
    • THanks. We play. Just not great players (Well David is better than I). ;-)

      Darrell MorrisDarrell MorrisVuosi sitten
  • Great coverage with all those conditions. Hard to play motivated on days like this. A week or so back, I was playing in similar windy rain and watched my disc heading right for the center of the basket, the wind picked up and it cruised up and over the basket then flattened out after the basket and continue on for another 30 feet. I can absolutely feel for these guys.

    Yava-Coco ProductionYava-Coco ProductionVuosi sitten
  • Guessing that pole on hole 9 was to help locate and keep debris out of the sleeve. We have to lock ours in the ground at our course so no one takes them >.>

    Chaser 90EKChaser 90EKVuosi sitten
    • Either that or perhaps distance markers. Either way, Paul couldn't have legally pulled it from the ground unless the TD determined before the tournament that players could pull them.

      Josh FortneyJosh FortneyVuosi sitten
  • Found your channel searching for MPO rd2 coverage - hard to believe DGPT can't get theirs out faster than a small channel like yours. I really liked the coverage. Pretty good camera work and positioning on the catch cam, though there were a few holes they outbombed your placement by quite a bit! Smooth commentary with knowledge of the pros' bags and disc selection. Lower thirds and interstitial graphics are solid, though the diagonal lined pattern on the scorecard isn't my favorite - mostly because I think details like that tend to get crushed with FIstream's compression and look muddied. You got a like and sub from me! Keep up the great work!

    Alex CueAlex CueVuosi sitten
  • Really good stuff, although I feel that the definition is slightly off.

    Dave BakerDave BakerVuosi sitten
  • One of the commentators has the mic WAY close to the mouth.

    Tinker TownTinker TownVuosi sitten
  • Thank god for yall cuz dgpt sucks fat cock

    Kyle BakerKyle BakerVuosi sitten
  • yall missed the best drive on hole one lol

    Jacob A.M.Jacob A.M.Vuosi sitten
  • Lets Go Simon!!!

    Jacob A.M.Jacob A.M.Vuosi sitten
  • Excellent coverage. Thank you!

    Andy KlingerAndy KlingerVuosi sitten
  • The balance between commentary audio level and ambient noise is impressive!!!! The ambient noise really adds to the perspective of actual tournament situations:) I can easily subscribe to this quality of post production! Also thank you for being out there in the bad weather!:)

    Peter SaikiPeter SaikiVuosi sitten
  • Sounds like the geese had a lot to say!

    OH BOI! Ent.OH BOI! Ent.Vuosi sitten
  • good coverage man! the commentary is pretty easy on the ears too

    D MyrickD MyrickVuosi sitten
  • Thanks for the coverage and fighting the elements.

    Jason LyonJason LyonVuosi sitten
  • Good job! Subscribed!

    Sami LaitalaSami LaitalaVuosi sitten
  • Gets better and better every video guys!!! Great coverage!!!

    Caleb Del RioCaleb Del RioVuosi sitten
  • thanks for coverage guys

    brian6speedbrian6speedVuosi sitten
  • Thank you

    BruH BruhhhBruH BruhhhVuosi sitten
  • Re: The distance stakes you talked about on hole 9, unless the TD specifically designates them as casual obstacles you should probably play a provisional if you intend to remove a stake temporarily to throw there. In terms of rules I would probably think of them as "course equipment" rather than "casual obstacles" unless it was previously stated by the TD. One advantage of having the stakes permanently attached is that it removes all doubt.

    Henrik ÖsterbergHenrik ÖsterbergVuosi sitten
    • Correct. Either did I. Paul seem to indicate the TD may have allowed it, but you couldn't really remove the pole inside he plastic pole.

      Darrell MorrisDarrell MorrisVuosi sitten
    • @Darrell Morris Yea but as they are not specifically defined as casual in the rules taking a provisional is a safer option. The TD could rule either way and having them casual in another tournament means nothing as far as rules go. Edit: I have no idea if the TD mentioned it for Jonesboro either.

      Henrik ÖsterbergHenrik ÖsterbergVuosi sitten
    • I know they allowed them to move (if you could get them out) at Memorial. Not sure what the TD decided on Jonesboro, but Paul seemed to indicate that you could move them if possible (as he checked).

      Darrell MorrisDarrell MorrisVuosi sitten
  • I don't know how much experience you guys have recording discgolf, but I gotta say that this is a hundred times better than the "professional" attempt from the DGPT... :) Congratulations and thank you for the coverage!

    Federico SorensonFederico SorensonVuosi sitten
  • You guys picked the PERFECT year to really start doing this hard. There is a vacuum from the lack of Jomez and CCDG. People want good quality golf and you are providing it.

    familydinner1familydinner1Vuosi sitten
    • @Jeffrey Golden Let's agree that we both want Jomez on next day lead card coverage for all major events.

      familydinner1familydinner1Vuosi sitten
    • We disagree, but let's just leave it at that. Dodge created this monster and gave us worse coverage. AnhyzerTV's commentary is bland and flavorless.

      Jeffrey GoldenJeffrey GoldenVuosi sitten
    • @Jeffrey Golden I didn't say I agree with it. I'm saying that the vacuum created gave Anhyzer TV a great opportunity to grow their brand. Why would I support a worse quality production from DGPT? You do realize you make no sense right? You do realize we are agreeing about the same thing. We are on the same side of the discussion.

      familydinner1familydinner1Vuosi sitten
    • Making it cost prohibitive to film so you can produce your own sub par videos after these crews broke their back for you? You agree with that? Seems like you and a few others on here don't understand what quality videos look like. This was sub par across the board

      Jeffrey GoldenJeffrey GoldenVuosi sitten
    • @Jeffrey Golden You do realize that being not allowed to film and choosing not to film are not the same thing, you do realize?

      familydinner1familydinner1Vuosi sitten
  • Wow, what a bonus! Fantastic work guys.. Really sweet hole preview with the map and the video..

    Dave LizotteDave LizotteVuosi sitten
  • Thanks guys! So much better than SmashboxxTV coverage.

    Janek B.Janek B.Vuosi sitten
  • You guys are the best! Thank you for getting it out sooner than expected.

    C HiebertC HiebertVuosi sitten
  • This is better than DGPT in house coverage but it's not close to jomez either... anyhyzer must have undercut jomez's bid by alot to get greedy Steve to let them cover one of his precious tournies.

    Mackenzie WeningerMackenzie WeningerVuosi sitten
    • You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. The rules for media participation are freely available if you ever want to educate yourself.

      Bill HawkinsBill HawkinsVuosi sitten
    • Not close?? It's very close - great camera work, solid commentary, good graphics... missing: follow flight, slomez. They added tee talk though! It is certainly miles better than DGPT in house coverage though, you're right about that. :)

      James McGrawJames McGrawVuosi sitten
    • This is a very quality product, even compared to the big boys. You're dumb.

      Brian HBrian HVuosi sitten
    • what a whiney bitch you are, not surprised you have 0 subscribers and no content to provide lol loser

      brian6speedbrian6speedVuosi sitten
  • Thanks guys I like the style and new look.... but uhmmm round two lead anyone???? Jomez? CCDG? DGPT? Smashboxx??? 4 days ago on Saturday right?

    Peter MobiusPeter MobiusVuosi sitten
    • Smashboxx was the ONLY coverage for lead card FPO or MPO, and Jonny V could give 2 shits about post production footage so we fans are fucked.

      Tom AndersonTom AndersonVuosi sitten
  • I’m confused why all the video coverage for this event is sped up??

    Nathan MNathan MVuosi sitten
    • Darrell Morris Possibly. It’s still great coverage either way. I appreciate you uploading it!

      Nathan MNathan MVuosi sitten
    • @Nathan M. Must be something on your side. We are not seeing an issue and nobody else has reported any issues.

      Darrell MorrisDarrell MorrisVuosi sitten
    • Yes. This video is definitely sped up. Probably 110-120% real time speed.

      Nathan MNathan MVuosi sitten
    • @Darrell Morris There is no issue with your footage, it's great. Good shots, good graphics, and good commentary. It's what should be happening with ALL disc golf coverage. I know you guys don't get a chance to cover as many events as several other disc golf media entities do, but you have done great with all of the coverage I've seen that you've produced. Thank you.

      Tom AndersonTom AndersonVuosi sitten
    • For our Coverage (Anhyzer TV) you see it as sped up? I don't see that issue.

      Darrell MorrisDarrell MorrisVuosi sitten
  • Great coverage fellas!!! Thanks for braving the bad weather and early tee time. Looking forward to round 3. Thanks again!

    Michael JarnaginMichael JarnaginVuosi sitten
  • Just subbed, y’all have been killing it lately

    Cooper BarnettCooper BarnettVuosi sitten
  • Lizottes drive on 1..........

    Tyson KauthTyson KauthVuosi sitten
  • Very good, wish there was a way for you guys to get to every event!! Stinks to see smashboxtv’s coverage for Jonesboro

    Preston FawcettPreston FawcettVuosi sitten
    • D Myrick I'm sure it is because they don't understand the technical differences between live and post round coverage.

      hyserbombhyserbombVuosi sitten
    • what dont you like about smashboxx? just curious

      D MyrickD MyrickVuosi sitten
  • Stoked you guys got this card! You guys have been putting in some phenomenal work and it has really paid off! Pleasure to see you guys grow!

    DMB2K12DMB2K12Vuosi sitten
  • Hey hey! The professional videographers are here!

    Martin RiggsMartin RiggsVuosi sitten
  • support fam! loving the new coverage from you guys

    Brant FinzerBrant FinzerVuosi sitten
  • Great coverage. 48 degrees is a warm summer day where I’m from haha.

    ninjewxninjewxVuosi sitten
    • It was more the rain and wind that made it cold! But we are glad to have been out there. Thanks for the comment!

      AnhyzerDGAnhyzerDGVuosi sitten
  • PDGA #’s are off

    Michael SimpsonMichael SimpsonVuosi sitten
  • thanks for getting out there for us. i want d moneys autograph

    Kevin GKevin GVuosi sitten
  • Good graphics, awesome to see some good coverage!

    Clint BelewClint BelewVuosi sitten
  • Baller! Thanks guys 😎👊🏻

    ChamberlainChamberlainVuosi sitten
  • First

    Nate CrownoverNate CrownoverVuosi sitten