2019 GBO | MEN1 | R1F9 | McBeth, McMahon, Risley, McCray

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You're watching the Men's Opening Round Feature Card 1 at the 2019 Dynamic Discs Glass Blown Open. The second stop of the PDGA National Tour!
Our coverage is proudly presented to you by Dynamic Discs and the PDGA.
Paul McBeth
Eagle McMahon
A.J. Risley
Johne McCray
Nate “Sexy” Sexton & Jeremy “Big Jerm” Koling
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  • FINALLY! The return of BigSexy on the McMcMcRizbee card!

    JomezProJomezProVuosi sitten
    • JoJo straight killin the disc golf coverage game. Tq based god 🥳

      Jason MillerJason MillerVuosi sitten
    • YESSSSSS! I missed you two. The perfect blend of technical analysis and light hearted shenanigans. Cheers!

      Zachary NewtonZachary NewtonVuosi sitten
    • Lets Go!

      Aaron De BoerAaron De BoerVuosi sitten
    • Lol. Awesome

      J FiveJ FiveVuosi sitten
    • Hell yeah great card to kick off GBO!

      Josh KnightonJosh KnightonVuosi sitten
  • ...or a muskrat...

    Harris ClaymanHarris Clayman25 päivää sitten
  • Mobile, Alabama is also loaded to the gills with courses. Multiple parks have multiple courses.

    PheelTheJoyPheelTheJoy28 päivää sitten
  • Did Officer Risley get worked by the undercover pulling to a stop on hole 1's putt?

    PheelTheJoyPheelTheJoy28 päivää sitten
  • I hope to become a great disc golfer just like this great player someday

    Dave RamirezDave Ramirez8 kuukautta sitten
  • Who else is watching in 2020?

    Nasser RihanNasser Rihan9 kuukautta sitten
  • y cant we hear more game audio....?

    Taylor WhitlowTaylor Whitlow9 kuukautta sitten
  • other video crews covering disc golf need to step aside so jomez can show everyone how its done.

    jjtownjjtownVuosi sitten
  • PMcB with the nasty SloMez 25:26

    jayfrancelfjayfrancelfVuosi sitten
  • Come on AJ you got this

    Jeff AbercrombieJeff AbercrombieVuosi sitten
  • Or a musk-RAT. lol.

    Michael ThompsonMichael ThompsonVuosi sitten
  • "He's a muscular bird." I'm dying

    Steven PopplerSteven PopplerVuosi sitten

    Alphavocals25Alphavocals25Vuosi sitten
  • Great coverage!!

    Samuel AuffarthSamuel AuffarthVuosi sitten
  • I like the starframe graphic

    matthew hardmanmatthew hardmanVuosi sitten
  • all this commentary reminds me of Family Guy when those commentary guys are talking about that women rack on the golf field.

    MustiengMustiengVuosi sitten
  • Jomez, you are the best!!! No two ways around it. BigSexy is my favorite commentating, ever. Thank you all for your hard work to bring us this coverage!

    Nate KrummNate KrummVuosi sitten
  • "Puttery enough" shall be my catch phrase.

    Marvin BeresfordMarvin BeresfordVuosi sitten
  • I love how ........... idiot coverage puts out a "live" fast forward puking ...... "coverage. Then the premiere, proper dg filming company drops this right after. Freaking righteous!!!! And not only dose Jomez provide the best coverage. They dont hide behind the....." comments have been blocked for this video" no no Jomez drops their best effort and then says "there it is..... say what????" When Pdga blocked commenting on their..... mind blowing aka I almost took my own life coverage...... well click the unsubscribe button people. Stop crying.... oh if I unsubscribe then I won't have any coverage at all.... boohoo baby!!!! If you eat crap pdga will just keep feeding you crap.

    David KaileyDavid KaileyVuosi sitten
  • LOL "A mallard duck! ...or a muskrat!" LOL

    Dee TerryDee TerryVuosi sitten
  • AJ I will buy you anything you want from Waffle House if you're in the area my man

    I DunnoI DunnoVuosi sitten
  • Go JohnE Go!

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
  • Germy Sex commentary gettin it done.

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
  • I think Jomez should add more gallery responses to these videos.

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
  • lol.. 10 gallons of “the stuff” 😂

    Moriah SeamanMoriah SeamanVuosi sitten
  • Jomez... How is any other production team supposed to keep up with you? You guys are amazing!

    Jake WJake WVuosi sitten
  • Am I the only one that would like to see them do away with all the out of bounds and just have to play from the woods if they go in the woods instead of just playing from the line and adding a stroke? They’d basically be adding at least a stroke if they went in there anyway but would leave the potential for more excitement.

    Craig CampbellCraig CampbellVuosi sitten
  • "It's not OB but it's not OK" ~ Nate

    Dek CodeDek CodeVuosi sitten
  • THIS made me so happy! Jomez coverage is so damn good! :D thanks guys ^^

    CyntaxNorCyntaxNorVuosi sitten
  • Know the meaning of Luna

    Pia&kabao VangPia&kabao VangVuosi sitten
  • My first tee song would be Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World by brother Iz. Or What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. I wanna be calm on the course. Or the instrumental ending to Layla, the piano jam from Goodfellas

    TJ SenecaTJ SenecaVuosi sitten
  • Glass Blown Open, lol

    jcman240jcman240Vuosi sitten
  • So happy there is a video without terrible cringe jokes.

    jayrighzjayrighzVuosi sitten
  • Luna does not mean sun... it means moon!

    ItsmeBIGDmcItsmeBIGDmcVuosi sitten

    John WillisJohn WillisVuosi sitten
  • Does anyone else just click like as soon as they open the video cause you know it will be awesome?

    James GrahamJames GrahamVuosi sitten
  • "He's a muscular bird."

    NativeSonDCNativeSonDCVuosi sitten
  • Or a musKRAT

    Gus BrukerGus BrukerVuosi sitten
  • Ruff start fer Loose Queef. Pulling for a second half cumbacker. Lets joo this!

    HairguyHairguyVuosi sitten
  • You honestly are the best in the business. You set the standard for disc golf coverage. And right when you hit another nail on the head, you're finding a way to make it better. #footygangstas

    Scott GroomeScott GroomeVuosi sitten
  • bout time! #BigSexyisbackBaby

    Brian CrawfordBrian CrawfordVuosi sitten
  • 9:20 He's probably putting like that to reduce wear on his shoulder.

    I Own Me - You Own YouI Own Me - You Own YouVuosi sitten
  • It's going to take me weeks just to watch all the live coverage, 3 cards of MPO, and 2 cards of FPO... so much disc golf!

    Theron HobbsTheron HobbsVuosi sitten
  • Paul McBeth choosing Lecrae for his walkout song got me HYPED

    Hunter DavisHunter DavisVuosi sitten
  • Could you consider putting meters next to feet to the whole video not just drone flight part?

    perssekyllperssekyllVuosi sitten
    • @JomezPro Ok, I understand. Usually I admire the drone footage and forget to check the meters. Then I have to rewind. Or maybe I should learn to understand the feet :D

      perssekyllperssekyllVuosi sitten
    • Thanks for the feedback but most likely it will stay as is. 🤙

      JomezProJomezProVuosi sitten
  • Thank you Jomez for your hard work!

    perssekyllperssekyllVuosi sitten
  • I like some of the changes they made on the course. Now at least they have to throw a few more non hyzers.

    TanmantheMadmanTanmantheMadmanVuosi sitten
  • Where can you buy the stuff and how much does it cost

    Samuel BaltzlySamuel BaltzlyVuosi sitten
    • Let us know when you find out 😂

      JomezProJomezProVuosi sitten
  • Is it JohnE, John E, or Johne?

    Joey CryselJoey CryselVuosi sitten
    • Johné

      JomezProJomezProVuosi sitten
  • That's something I really like about disc golf. It's much easier to change the course layout for any reason.

    Harry DepovaHarry DepovaVuosi sitten
  • I cannot stand JohnE McCryAboutTheGalleryAndAnythingElseHeCanComeUpWith.💯The rest of them, and Jomez of course, is why I am here! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    He Said She saidHe Said She saidVuosi sitten
  • Love hearing #BigSexy on the mics and #Jomez bringing the best quality video in the game!

    David OlsenDavid OlsenVuosi sitten
  • This course is amazing. Props to everyone involved.

    Killian SmithKillian SmithVuosi sitten
  • How do you do that, teach me that one 😆😆😂 so funny nice job

    Karl StreamsKarl StreamsVuosi sitten
  • So much Jomez I don't even know what to do!

    Trevor RenigerTrevor RenigerVuosi sitten
  • Jerm - don't be shy man, tell those stories! (Hole 7, something about Paul and forehands and you cut yourself off).

    Dave HumesDave HumesVuosi sitten
  • siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Michael YahnerMichael YahnerVuosi sitten
  • 25:30 Lol. I said "woooooow" right along with Nate the exact same way.

    Nice DGNice DGVuosi sitten
  • 666, the number of the beast, hell and fire... Iron Maiden.

    Tom AhoksTom AhoksVuosi sitten
  • The ageless wonder showing the young bucks how it's done!

    David WilliamsDavid WilliamsVuosi sitten
  • Make the world a better place, punch the 10 people who thumbs down this video in the face...

    K TK TVuosi sitten
  • Googling musk rat added to the To Do list

    Simon GreenSimon GreenVuosi sitten
  • koling not believing in mccray's upshot game

    najssinessnajssinessVuosi sitten
  • Big germ you are correct AJ is a natural lefty but throws right handed

    Jason NJason NVuosi sitten
  • Since when tf is Kansas Midwest? Sincerely, A real Midwesterner (MI)

    cpnpmp94cpnpmp94Vuosi sitten
  • Jerms teeths sounds greats.

    Makers TelemarkMakers TelemarkVuosi sitten
    • We agree 😂

      JomezProJomezProVuosi sitten
  • Best commentary ever.

    Patrick MackeyPatrick MackeyVuosi sitten
  • Loving the two card coverage

    Zee DevilZee DevilVuosi sitten
  • 27:17 "mmm wow"

    Joseph SchroederJoseph SchroederVuosi sitten
  • "bogey at worst" buahahaha

    Benjamin LionBenjamin LionVuosi sitten
  • Jomez must have also found 8 ounces of The Stuff in the back of their fridge to be pumping out so much top notch coverage #sauce

    Annie HyzerAnnie HyzerVuosi sitten
  • is JomezPro gonna be in Tyyni 2019?

    OwavaOwavaVuosi sitten
  • Yesss. Big Sexy!! They honestly make this coverage so much more entertaining. Cut and dry commentary is really boring. It's nice to have commentators that are goofy but also know what they're talking about. 👌🏻🔥🔥🔥

    Jordan PikeJordan PikeVuosi sitten
  • What is ALWAYS hanging out of Eagle's left-rear pocket of his shorts?

    David ArterburnDavid ArterburnVuosi sitten
  • Conservative lol

    Pitter PatterPitter PatterVuosi sitten
  • What happened to AJ’s form? Pull is like head high and body twisted backwads. Compare to Pablo and 🦅

    Jouni SalminenJouni SalminenVuosi sitten
  • Eagles forehand is insufferable

    penisbuttpenisbuttVuosi sitten
  • Jeremy we want to hear that dinosaur impression

    Eero HakanenEero HakanenVuosi sitten
  • I missed this commentary!

    C HiebertC HiebertVuosi sitten
  • BigSexy best in the damn biz

    Sean NicholsSean NicholsVuosi sitten
  • C'mon man, long? LONG???!?! It's a yes. a big yes

    Drew JohnstonDrew JohnstonVuosi sitten
  • Thank you for the great coverage

    Drew BaledgeDrew BaledgeVuosi sitten
  • Love the timing of the DD ad after hole 4. Right when Jerm starts to talk about a Discraft disc...

    snakesonakanesnakesonakaneVuosi sitten
  • Life is getting better and better

    Ryley SpencerRyley SpencerVuosi sitten
  • Can someone solve the great mystery? How old is John E.?

    mistermister20000mistermister20000Vuosi sitten
  • SuspensMez 😂

    ASAP StickyASAP StickyVuosi sitten
  • The rotating “Follow Flight “ graphic is awesome!

    Brian LeeBrian LeeVuosi sitten
  • lol right when jerm starts talking about discraft they cut to a dynamic add

    MondoMonkeyManMondoMonkeyManVuosi sitten
  • Automatic thumbs up. Sooooooo good.

    marscruzmarscruzVuosi sitten
  • I’m more than impressed with the quality of this coverage and how quick it was released. You guys are growing the sport so well and I’m very thankful! Thank you Jomez!!

    Mason ClaxtonMason ClaxtonVuosi sitten
  • BIGSEXYY!!!!!

    JoosuaPuuJoosuaPuuVuosi sitten
  • Jerm's right (as always?), Watching Eagle is seeing a Koufax or a Gretzky. They have the Stuff. All the Goods! Talent.

    James SatchwillJames SatchwillVuosi sitten
  • Remember the Jomez AMA? There is just too much pressure on Paul when Nate is watching him play! /s

    Brian McNayBrian McNayVuosi sitten
  • Missed this Big Sexy commentary! The best in the game

    Austin RentzAustin RentzVuosi sitten
  • NATE!!

    Mark EckardtMark EckardtVuosi sitten
  • Three feature cards!!! Christmas in April. Thanks guys!!!!

    Justin McClureJustin McClureVuosi sitten
  • 25:26 Jeremy bout to drop that f bomb then chickened out.

    Carlos BrownCarlos BrownVuosi sitten
  • This Event has been going on since mid 2000's but was not even considered a NT event until Dynamic Discs took over the event in the 2010's. Before that the event was only sometimes in NT back when Discraft sponsored the event.

    Casey smithCasey smithVuosi sitten
  • For a Intro song I would pick Being a Huge University Wisconsin Fan Pick Jump Around. My dad went there in the 1990's for Graduate school.

    Casey smithCasey smithVuosi sitten
  • BigSexy’s hiatus left me questioning my life. So glad they are back. The balance is restored.

    Matt YoungMatt YoungVuosi sitten