2018 HOFC | Final Rd F9 | McBeth, Dickerson, Barsby, McCray

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JomezPro is proud to bring you Final Round Lead Card coverage of the 2018 Ed Headrick Disc Golf Hall of Fame Classic from the IDGC WR Jackson Memorial DGC in Appling, GA. Coverage brought to you by Innova Champion Discs and the PDGA.
Paul McBeth
Gregg Barsby
Chris Dickerson
Johne McCray
Nate Sexton & Jeremy Koling
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  • Help us reach our goal of becoming the first Disc Golf exclusive channel to hit 100k Subscribers and click the Subscribe button now!

    JomezProJomezPro2 vuotta sitten
    • mad love from minnesota im so happy i found this channle how d i win the big sexy disc

      Aeria CastroAeria Castro2 vuotta sitten
    • sorry guys, already subbed since the first time I watched your channel. But GL getting there much love guys!

      MichaelMichael2 vuotta sitten
    • Subbed all three of my accounts. LUL Shhhh. It's not cheating!

      Trevor RenigerTrevor Reniger2 vuotta sitten
    • I mean...I could make more accounts??? lol

      Stephen CarmickleStephen Carmickle2 vuotta sitten
    • JomezPro been a huge fan for years, guys! keep up the great work. I'll keep watching!!!

      Mikal KytonMikal Kyton2 vuotta sitten
  • Barsby hitting metal from all around the globe.

    Bucolic _Bucolic _11 päivää sitten
  • Is this the largest disc golf channel? If so that makes me incredibly sad that more people aren't into this amazing game

    Zachary WoodfordZachary Woodford6 kuukautta sitten
  • Yo Nate can I have a destroyer

    Uriel NoorollahUriel Noorollah7 kuukautta sitten
  • Anyone else here in 2020 during second offseason just rewatching every tournament ever?

    Tera TownsendTera Townsend8 kuukautta sitten
    • 🙋🏽‍♂️

      JomezProJomezPro8 kuukautta sitten
  • I love going back thru the Jomez playlists and watching old tournament coverage! Big Sexy commentary 4 life!

    Rob MitchelRob Mitchel10 kuukautta sitten
  • Jerm: "Barsby almost throws it in from 390...." Nate: "That's better than 108!" Me: *checks math*, *nods in approval*

    Daniel ArismendiDaniel Arismendi10 kuukautta sitten
  • I just wanted to note that when Jerm makes the "I was going to say sandwiches" joke, Nate didn't get the reference. He didn't watch Frozen til this year.

    NyefariNyefariVuosi sitten
  • Does anyone have better throw-in stats than Gregg?

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
  • Yes, THE Chris Dickerson. When I get thru 18, ya'll be wearing gold plated diapers.

    Darth SchlubDarth SchlubVuosi sitten
  • take the damn headphones out. cant stand that!

    Steele SmithSteele SmithVuosi sitten
  • the printed commentary at the bottom is HILARIOUS! Bars B makes another big Heiser put outside the circle. now thats disk off.

    2naphish2naphishVuosi sitten
  • Barsby and Lizotte are two of my favorite players to watch. Love the commentary guys.

    iLikeNarwhalsiLikeNarwhalsVuosi sitten
  • Oh shit whaddup here comes Dat disc

    Craig EnglishCraig EnglishVuosi sitten
  • Always great to watch, a great fight through 9

    B HB HVuosi sitten
  • Not going to lie. The music is catchy

    Quadlaser 187Quadlaser 1872 vuotta sitten
  • Fantastic work again with the video and dynamic duo in commentary. Jomez videos,best thing to watch in the winter in Finland .

    Pasi KauppinenPasi Kauppinen2 vuotta sitten
  • would love to have seen a Slo-Mez on Chris' hole 8 shot.

    Parry WolfeParry Wolfe2 vuotta sitten
  • Anyone know what that black putter is?

    Joseph HayesJoseph Hayes2 vuotta sitten
  • Still the best.

    Ryan BillerRyan Biller2 vuotta sitten
  • 22:11 "Chris Dick n' Tenders" lol

    Ryan BlaisRyan Blais2 vuotta sitten
  • Can’t wait for next season thank you jomez and big sexy for covering so many tournaments this season!

    Steven GabrielsonSteven Gabrielson2 vuotta sitten
  • I want. BIG SEXY!!

    Michael TaylorMichael Taylor2 vuotta sitten
  • cool tourney!

    Magnus Bruun HedegaardMagnus Bruun Hedegaard2 vuotta sitten
  • Good stuff as always 🤙

    MRI_CT_DGMRI_CT_DG2 vuotta sitten
  • The last of Big Sexy 2018? Time go into hibernation.

    GlasswipeGlasswipe2 vuotta sitten
  • Only two weeks late to the party. Any cake left? Love the videos, Jomez crew. Thanks for bringing the action to PCs like mine.

    Jerry BeckerJerry Becker2 vuotta sitten
  • Yal guys are so awesome. :) definitely gives me inspiration to follow and do like yal.

    Cory EaryCory Eary2 vuotta sitten
  • Good coverage as always

    Chad PrewittChad Prewitt2 vuotta sitten
  • 2019 can't come soon enough. Barsby puts are ridonculous

    DLC90itnoDLC90itno2 vuotta sitten
  • Intense

    MechaChazMechaChaz2 vuotta sitten
  • Love the focus and professionalism of these guys, really helps elevate the gameplay.

    Morning GlassMorning Glass2 vuotta sitten
  • You guys do a great job showing what disc golf is all about keep it up

    Scott WhitakerScott Whitaker2 vuotta sitten
  • Love the big sexy team!

    Mike RuthMike Ruth2 vuotta sitten
  • I love the coverage and commentary as always guys. Always have the gnarliest slo-too.

    Marshall SandersMarshall Sanders2 vuotta sitten
  • Always a riot guys, thanks for making it fun when weather is not permitting here in Minnesota!

    Mike StrandMike Strand2 vuotta sitten
  • If you know anything about Chris Dickerson, you would know his nickname is "the mechanic", for several reasons.

    Dickie BrewerDickie Brewer2 vuotta sitten
  • Love me some big sexy!

    mattrox1221mattrox12212 vuotta sitten
  • Love the coverage and the commentary! Keep it up!

    Ryan MillerRyan Miller2 vuotta sitten
  • Another triumph!

    Garrett GromanGarrett Groman2 vuotta sitten
  • Great job, I've enjoyed watching and looking forward to next year.

    Tim CTim C2 vuotta sitten
  • "That had height, baby!"

    Chris BrownChris Brown2 vuotta sitten
  • On hole 3 he was like Tim Duncan with the low key double double every time.

    Josh CassJosh Cass2 vuotta sitten
  • Wow!! What a front 9. I've got my son watching these videos. I'll have to make sure he subscribes to you guys to help get to 100k. Love that big sexy disc. Maybe I'll get lucky!!

    Mott ShotsMott Shots2 vuotta sitten
  • Awesome coverage as always & what an amazing card! Baskets were getting assaulted.

    Jon LissnerJon Lissner2 vuotta sitten
  • Thank you guys for keeping me entertained and stimulated while I practice my instrument!

    Gordie SleeperGordie Sleeper2 vuotta sitten
  • Ok

    Lawn ManLawn Man2 vuotta sitten
  • Great coverage!

  • fanfreakingtastic!!!

    John BowersJohn Bowers2 vuotta sitten
  • Great job commentating. Loved watching the action. There's always excitement when watching these great golfers. Also, I can't miss thanking Jomez for all their hard work and wonderful coverage of all of the competitions.

    Susan HayesSusan Hayes2 vuotta sitten
  • Big Sexyyyyah!

    Mathias LaustrupMathias Laustrup2 vuotta sitten
  • Awesome coverage and thank you all!!

    Todd KraussTodd Krauss2 vuotta sitten
  • Another great match and great commentary! I am sad that we have to wait for so long before we get more big sexy commentary!

    Bobby ThulinBobby Thulin2 vuotta sitten
  • Great coverage! Thanks!

    Elias GarciaElias Garcia2 vuotta sitten
  • Let's not end the season. Still plenty of good weather down south. Also, who wouldn't love to see Jomez film a snow covered course.

    tim yorktim york2 vuotta sitten
  • dat barsby put thou

    Olli JOlli J2 vuotta sitten
  • I birdied hole 2 with a forehand flex in the 2017 Hall of Fame Classic! It's a real thing.

    Brent EvansBrent Evans2 vuotta sitten
  • Barsby is insane from over 100 ft...

    Harry DepovaHarry Depova2 vuotta sitten
  • My favorite commentary duo...by far...but in fairness, all my favorite things are awesome so my data could be skewed...

    Scott BallardScott Ballard2 vuotta sitten
  • Haha FROZEN reference at 3:42

    Ridge HallRidge Hall2 vuotta sitten
  • Great production guys. I think I found my new favorite channel to watch.

    Alex WardAlex Ward2 vuotta sitten
  • Awesome commentary. See u next year!

    notbulbous42notbulbous422 vuotta sitten
  • The coverage was excellent, as always!

    mat1583mat15832 vuotta sitten
  • Love this coverage!

    Frank kesslerFrank kessler2 vuotta sitten
  • Such great Disc golf. Wow

    Denniken LütkenDenniken Lütken2 vuotta sitten
  • Big Sexy! Lets goh

    nuggnugg2 vuotta sitten
  • My first time really watching Jonny McCray and I'm highly impressed!

    Jonathan WunrowJonathan Wunrow2 vuotta sitten
  • Great job. I can’t wait for next season.

    Mik0352Mik03522 vuotta sitten

    BattleStationBattleStation2 vuotta sitten
  • Saying hello from Arkansas!!!

    monster punkmonster punk2 vuotta sitten
  • Incredible stuff. Thanks to Jomez for all the work they do.

    Luke RynbrandtLuke Rynbrandt2 vuotta sitten
  • See y’all next year Big Sexy! Lookin for bigger and better things!!

    AdventuresUntoldAdventuresUntold2 vuotta sitten
  • Sheboygan, Oregon! 2 turbo putts for JohnE so far. Thanks for a great season Nate, Jeremy, Jonathan, et al.

    Dwight DenzerDwight Denzer2 vuotta sitten
  • love your commitment to keeping the coverage going and silly. Big Sexy rocks!

    Craig LockwoodCraig Lockwood2 vuotta sitten
  • Love this Chanel it's my favorite in all disc golf coverage

    Micah SteinerMicah Steiner2 vuotta sitten
  • At 32:50 is McBeth throwing a color glow Aviar3?

    ams_salazarams_salazar2 vuotta sitten
  • Great Season fellas!!

    Casey MurrayCasey Murray2 vuotta sitten
  • Awesome coverage all season. Really dug how you guys bring your playing experience into the commentary!!! Watching these amazing Pro Athletes compete at these levels is inspiring. Off to play as much as I can. Peace

    Jr 07fotoJr 07foto2 vuotta sitten
  • I love watching Barsby play! My favorite player of the last three years (along with Nate and Germ ofc *kissing ass*) Fantastic coverage by Jomez and Udisc, love it

    Odd Martin HansenOdd Martin Hansen2 vuotta sitten
  • Love you guys! Thanks for a great 2018!

    Joe Bob OstermanJoe Bob Osterman2 vuotta sitten
  • Jomez pro is pro! Love this channel for all the tournaments!

    Gaming with Brando CommandoGaming with Brando Commando2 vuotta sitten
  • Great footage as always. Thank you guys!!!

    Ryan HardieRyan Hardie2 vuotta sitten
  • Hole three barsby's drive needed to get understable to go right not stable up

    matthew hardmanmatthew hardman2 vuotta sitten
  • turbo every day

    Ryan SweeneyRyan Sweeney2 vuotta sitten
  • Hey guys my name is hunter reed I’ve been a subscriber for almost a year now. I love watching the vids when I come home from school. You guys always make me laugh and I love that you guys do commentary so that some people who can’t go to the tournaments can still at least watch the action. Watching the vids got me to go out and play disc golf which I have been for the past 8 months now! It would be a pleasure to win these discs! Can’t wait for next season!

    Hunter ReedHunter Reed2 vuotta sitten
  • Another entertaining battle between barsby and Macbeth. They never fail to entertain

    Corey CookCorey Cook2 vuotta sitten
  • Awesome round!

    Kris JollsKris Jolls2 vuotta sitten
  • Yerp...lets go gregg!

    Nathan ThomasNathan Thomas2 vuotta sitten
  • Thanks for the coverage!

    James DoebblerJames Doebbler2 vuotta sitten
  • Awesome coverage. See you next year guys

    Scott FrostScott Frost2 vuotta sitten
  • Getting close to 100k! Keep it up Jomez!! Thanks

    Andrew CrowderAndrew Crowder2 vuotta sitten
  • So much fun seeing Chris on the lead! Cant wait for ´19 for him to be more visible on the NT.

    GjeddaGjedda2 vuotta sitten
  • Appreciate your work this season. Love Jomez and Big Sexy commentary!

    Tyler ArmstrongTyler Armstrong2 vuotta sitten
  • This is the first year I have watched every recorded round of the season, it’s mainly because of the big sexy commentary. You guys kill it more then once have laughed out loud at your antics and incites.thanks for all the coverage Keep it up jomez. Ulli this season I became a a big fan, funny dude amazing discgolfer.i would love to see a Sexton, big jerk,ulli, aj card.. and all you doing commentary. Fairways and aces brothers and sisters.

    Jeff ChauvinJeff Chauvin2 vuotta sitten
  • too bad the season is almost over - great card here!

    Ben CoxBen Cox2 vuotta sitten
  • You guys are the best!

    Marshall SeltzMarshall Seltz2 vuotta sitten
  • Destroy him!

    Austin LopezAustin Lopez2 vuotta sitten
  • Good Battle

    Thomas KirklandThomas Kirkland2 vuotta sitten
  • Good stuff

    Shawn WysockiShawn Wysocki2 vuotta sitten