2018 Delaware Disc Golf Challenge | Final RD, B9 | McBeth, Paju, Ulibarri, Wysocki

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Jomez Productions in association with Innova Champion Discs & the Professional Disc Golf Association presents Final Round MPO Lead Card coverage of the 2018 Delaware Disc Golf Challenge.
Paul McBeth
Seppo Paju
Paul Ulibarri
Ricky Wysocki
Commentary by Jeremy Koling & Paul Ulibarri
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Stats by Udisc
Music by Starframe Audio

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  • That joke about using his left hand incase critters bite his fingers off annoyingly made me laugh a lot

    Konner GarrettKonner Garrett2 päivää sitten
  • 22:35

    Norumbega ManNorumbega ManUukausi sitten
  • watching this during quarantine.... anyone else?

    12eman1212eman125 kuukautta sitten
  • And he missed two pretty makeable putts as well. Crazy.

    J DJ D6 kuukautta sitten
  • Nate & Jerm = the best com

    Bass BaitBass Bait6 kuukautta sitten
    • Not uli sorry 😐

      Bass BaitBass Bait6 kuukautta sitten
  • I love when Jerm laughs at Uli’s horrible drive on Hole 12...classic.

    Micheal GrzywinskiMicheal Grzywinski6 kuukautta sitten
  • I love 30 minutes from here

    Joey DieselJoey Diesel7 kuukautta sitten
  • Walkie talkie golf at it’s finest. 😂

    Stefan JohanssonStefan Johansson7 kuukautta sitten
  • Seppoooo

    Eelis TuhkanenEelis TuhkanenVuosi sitten
  • Sepooo

    Eelis TuhkanenEelis TuhkanenVuosi sitten
  • More impressive than the worlds win Paul unbelievable-36 in these woods not possible until today

    Playground Of SoundPlayground Of SoundVuosi sitten
  • Ricky Wysocki - The New England Patriots of 2nd place.

    Felix VecchiarelliFelix VecchiarelliVuosi sitten
  • Not to get anybody too riled up but I sure would love to see Big Sexy Juli make it into the commentary booth one of these days...

    John LaDeurJohn LaDeurVuosi sitten
  • I don't know what's better.... the play from the players or the commentary.

    CrispyCrispyVuosi sitten
  • McBeth is so solid

    Carl BuddigCarl BuddigVuosi sitten
  • Paul Ulibarri and Big Jeremy good job .

    jeff the bee manjeff the bee man2 vuotta sitten
  • The course looks brutal but these guys just tear it up! Thanks JoMez and I'm looking forward to the 100K giveaway.

    J. ClarkJ. Clark2 vuotta sitten
  • More Follow Flight! :)

    Jeff StaubJeff Staub2 vuotta sitten
  • Is mcbeth wearing new balances or nikes? If they are new balances, anybody know the model number?

    Jeff HeapyJeff Heapy2 vuotta sitten
  • Ok

    Lawn ManLawn Man2 vuotta sitten
  • McBeth on 14...pipes a Roc 400 ft ...i dont understand lol

    04estb04estb2 vuotta sitten
  • wow loved that drive from Ricky on 13, nice to see someone nail the shot and park it on that hole

    dr05guitardr05guitar2 vuotta sitten
  • great commentary..I miss Nate, but Uli is great... that was the best round on a lead card ever... McBeth and Wysocki were amazing... and they to play that great.. just to hit their averages... that is ridiculous.

    Bob CBob C2 vuotta sitten
  • TFW McBeast shows up as a ghost and it's not even Halloween yet.... Nice work on commentary Uli and Jerm!

    backyardstrummerbackyardstrummer2 vuotta sitten
  • Paul is once again the best player in the world, he's played better than anyone else this year, imho, not to mention his round at The Toboggan. Great commentary and coverage as always!

    Dar SureDar Sure2 vuotta sitten
  • Uli more commentary please!!!

    Heber Moreira JrHeber Moreira Jr2 vuotta sitten
  • Should be Big Barri commentary

    M3rcury's LaboratoryM3rcury's Laboratory2 vuotta sitten
  • When are we getting an ESPN channel for disc golf? ESPN 9 : The Line

    M3rcury's LaboratoryM3rcury's Laboratory2 vuotta sitten
  • This tournament had THE best commentary ever. BigJ started a bit rough back in the day but is IN his wheelhouse now. Round 2 had me LOL'ing many times. Uli also was very good, thanks for all the laughs guys!

    Zeph CarriggZeph Carrigg2 vuotta sitten
  • So great to see such a varied lead card. Seppo with okay putting and phenomenal drives; McBeth with beast drives, fine mid, outstanding putts; Ricky with okay drives and great scramble/putting; and Uli with that sleeper consistency throughout.

    Jacob EdlerJacob Edler2 vuotta sitten
  • This is such an amazing course. No OB with supremely fair par. Loving the coverage and commentary

    Jacob EdlerJacob Edler2 vuotta sitten

    Craig BCraig B2 vuotta sitten
  • Uli was so funny. Great commentary!

    Ken OldakerKen Oldaker2 vuotta sitten
  • McBeth for the win !!! Way to represent.

    B DOGB DOG2 vuotta sitten
  • Has anyone else noticed how Paul seems able to keep his eyes on the fairway as he throws. He has noticeably better than average flexibility.

    R HerbertR Herbert2 vuotta sitten
  • Great stuff. Play, videography and commentary!

    George BrownGeorge Brown2 vuotta sitten
  • Sounds like y’all are crazy stoned doing this commentary. Good stuff!

    zonaboy5115zonaboy51152 vuotta sitten
  • 2000 years from now Paul McBeth will be mistakenly identified as the returned messiah.

    Steely DanSteely Dan2 vuotta sitten
  • Thanks for the awesome coverage guys. I was out live scoring all weekend but I could hear all the cheering through the woods. I knew I could watch it later because Jomez gots my back. I've played golds a ton here in casual and tournament play and my best score is probably an 85, lol.

    The0IdManThe0IdMan2 vuotta sitten
  • Holy crap the lines that these guys hit in the woods are absolutely incredible. Seppo is sooooo smooth on his shots.

    SuperfizzoSuperfizzo2 vuotta sitten
  • Good video, always good coverage. Not a fan of the Delaware disc golf course though, looks pretty weak and shady.

    Starlord StavangerStarlord Stavanger2 vuotta sitten
  • PA wonder!

    Toade21Toade212 vuotta sitten
  • One of the best final rounds of the year in my opinion. So fun to watch these guys crush shots thru tight wooded fairways. Seppo is my new favorite player tho, to crank shots that hard on holes like this is unreal.

    Alexander DullAlexander Dull2 vuotta sitten
  • 5:53 is absolute gold. Paul please do more commentary

    TiotaTiota2 vuotta sitten
  • Watching play on this course is just amazing. Really glad they added it to the Tour. You can find footage on FIstream of all 3 rounds of the 2016 event with Wysocki, Ulibarri, Bell and Brad Williams. Great play all the way through and a tie breaker at the end to boot. One of my favorites.

    Parry WolfeParry Wolfe2 vuotta sitten
  • The beast at it again

    postisikapoikapostisikapoika2 vuotta sitten
  • Ulibarri shines with Koling, had me laughing my ass off. I love sports, but lately disc golf is my favorite thing to watch. When you know enough about the game, history, players, courses, personalities, etc. It is just the best... Maybe I'm just weird ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Thanks Jomez, Uli & Big Jerm!

    snakesonakanesnakesonakane2 vuotta sitten
  • Honestly, your commentaries about the emotions of sweating an 8ft putt, or how Paul and Ricky are just awesome give me hope about improving my game. I am far from any of you guys, but its awesome to play and to know that its not necessarily easy for the pro's either!

    Drew JohnsonDrew Johnson2 vuotta sitten
  • I can't wait till Big Germ is on the final card and we get to hear his commentary of his own shots. So close this tournament

    deejaydoubleyoodeejaydoubleyoo2 vuotta sitten
  • "Ah trew dat un good. Ricky dint." --Paul Ulibarri 29:54

    WC 'Strawberry' FieldsWC 'Strawberry' Fields2 vuotta sitten
  • McBeth is an absolute assassin. Stone cold. Better round than his -18 in my opinion. Hard to say who the best putter on earth is between him, Conrad, or Wysocki. Hats off to Ricky and Eagle for shooting -13. Commentary was very good. That eagle by Sepo on 17 wasn't even human! OMG!

    gimmedaalbatrossgimmedaalbatross2 vuotta sitten
  • That Finnish crush on 17 - christ...

    DLC90itnoDLC90itno2 vuotta sitten
  • Why do i always get "all gay cruises" add on Jomez vids? Two of them this time...

    A.KA.K2 vuotta sitten
  • Great eagle, Seppo! So great getting to watch Seppo play so much this season.

    Jeromy CaballeroJeromy Caballero2 vuotta sitten
  • McBeth and Wysocki are making Circle's Edge putts look like park jobs putts. I want that.

    Andrew MooreAndrew Moore2 vuotta sitten
  • Wow, what a GREAT coverage and what an amazing game! Your chemistry is phenomenal, I'm definitely looking forward to more Big Uli commentary!

    MisterMajisterMisterMajister2 vuotta sitten
  • I love the snickers and chuckles after Uli's early tree hit on 12. Good for him that Jerm is such a good friend! :)

    Matt CoronaMatt Corona2 vuotta sitten
  • HYVÄ SEPPO !!!

    Emppu PostiEmppu Posti2 vuotta sitten
  • Out of the hospital and straight on to birdiefest. #Wysocki2018

    NitronNitron2 vuotta sitten
  • Now that is what a disc golf course should look like

    Mark HarstonMark Harston2 vuotta sitten
  • 14:10 This is McBeth adjusting for the putt that tried to sneak out the back through the chains. If you stop the disc using the band that won't happen!

    FlurpsIxoyeFlurpsIxoye2 vuotta sitten
  • Is there some upcoming clinic for "get out of jail Uli shot" since I really would need that clinic - you know all those trees growing in front of my discs... ;)

    Petri VäisänenPetri Väisänen2 vuotta sitten
  • Seppo Paju's Eagle on hole 17, unbelievably good!

    C FC F2 vuotta sitten
  • It’s official, Paul is TOO good.

    cpnpmp94cpnpmp942 vuotta sitten
  • So proud of Seppo and the improvements he’s made.

    Gregarious GGregarious G2 vuotta sitten
  • It feels like the golden age of DG. Amazing coverage and commentary.

    ChroogomphusChroogomphus2 vuotta sitten
  • Seppo's eagle on 17 was insane.

    chilly dchilly d2 vuotta sitten
  • Great finish. Sepo eagle was amazing. Big berry commentary was okay.. big shout-out to JOMEZ you guys are on point

    tony currytony curry2 vuotta sitten
  • I can listen to these commentaries for hours 😊

    Robert HarroldRobert Harrold2 vuotta sitten
  • Paul bogeyed hole 2 and 17 the first rd. Eagle actually went bogey free for the whole tournament

    killerman666killerman6662 vuotta sitten
  • I remember when I used to play par 5s werent even a thing and par 4s were extremely rare. We pretty much played everything as a 3 unless it was over 750 if I recall

    Mech0pMech0p2 vuotta sitten
  • Wow Paul, You are by far the best!!!!!!!

    irksomejoker777irksomejoker7772 vuotta sitten
  • Paul, keep with the commentary! You're freaking hilarious!

    Anthony GattoAnthony Gatto2 vuotta sitten
  • One bogey on 54 holes on this course? Thats hard to take in.

    slangen808slangen8082 vuotta sitten
  • More impressive 3? Seppo on 17, or Calvin Heimburg on Fox Run 7?

    Jesse RJesse R2 vuotta sitten
    • Oh man, that's a doozie! Such different skill utilized on each one. One is wide open, 1225' downhill the whole way, and the other is tightly wooded 860' uphill the whole way. Witnessing Calvin's eagle was something I'll never forget. He almost made it look too easy to truly appreciate how awesome of a feat it really was. I'll give the nod to Seppo simply because he had to make a awkward putt from circles edge to seal the deal! Great debate question!

      Jeremy KolingJeremy Koling2 vuotta sitten
  • WOW! Way to take on one of the hardest courses out there Paul McBeth! Very well played. :-) All these guys played amazingly. A great all around production. McBeast for the win!

    Jim WaltsJim Walts2 vuotta sitten
  • It was like watching two parents playing with their kids

    Dustin ClarkDustin Clark2 vuotta sitten
  • Big Juli commentary is on point!! Very funny :)

    Orange RLOrange RL2 vuotta sitten
  • Amazing two horse race with familiar faces :) Congrats Sir McBeastMode and awesome eagle at #17 Seppo! Greetings and hails from Finland again Jomez! 🇫🇮👏

    Tuomas RajamäkiTuomas Rajamäki2 vuotta sitten
  • I say this all the time but i truly appreciate the work you guys do bringing us this coverage. What an amazing round from Paul. That putting was insane

    Jimmy PilkentonJimmy Pilkenton2 vuotta sitten
  • P.McB. - greatest putter of all time. And with those roc shots, he was unstoppable this round.

    sfincione2000sfincione20002 vuotta sitten
  • What a fantastic round.

    Jeff MooreJeff Moore2 vuotta sitten
  • Jerm, "You'd rather hit a rock late than a tree early"....Uli, "that's an old Proverb"

    John WhiteJohn White2 vuotta sitten
  • Uli says "on the stripe" when a putt is perfect. What does he mean? I don't see a stripe, but I know he knows what he's talking about. Is the pole considered the "stripe"? Another question: Is the PAWonder available to anyone?

    Dickie BrewerDickie Brewer2 vuotta sitten
    • Thanks Dave! Now that you mention it, I have noticed that stripe, but most of the baskets I find don't have it.

      Dickie BrewerDickie Brewer2 vuotta sitten
    • There sometimes is a strip (usually orange) about 2/3 of the way up the chains. It's about the thickness of duct tape and it's used for people to aim, as it's the sweet spot to hit.

      Dave HumesDave Humes2 vuotta sitten
  • Yes I’m on the lead card, oh crap so is McBeth.

    DD2 vuotta sitten
  • It should be BigBerry comentary!

    Truls SormulTruls Sormul2 vuotta sitten
  • Omg that eagle made by Seppo!

    Sohvi !Sohvi !2 vuotta sitten
  • Would be nice to see individual round scores when the overall final scores are posted. Great vid 👍

    TheGCodeTheGCode2 vuotta sitten
  • Boooooi dat eagle on 17 was dope :D

    Joka toinen AlarautaanJoka toinen Alarautaan2 vuotta sitten
  • Best Follow Flight Ever on hole 13. Gross!

    PapigringoPapigringo2 vuotta sitten
  • I hope we see more Iron Hill in the future. Looks like a beautiful and ridiculously challenging course! Amazing camera work in all those trees!

    Baysinger's Disc Golf ChannelBaysinger's Disc Golf Channel2 vuotta sitten
  • Absolutely great round big putts great coverage once again. Can always depend on great coverage from you guys. Can't forget mister Busch Wacker with that big putt at the end. Absolutely killed it. Say that was the highlight even tho mcbeth won.

    franky rainfranky rain2 vuotta sitten
  • What a great card, this was a blast

    Ryan HalienRyan Halien2 vuotta sitten
  • Honestly, Uli has hit every single roller from the woods this tournament, how is he so good at that?

    KaselierKaselier2 vuotta sitten
  • Amazing bogey-free -14 round by McBeth on a wooded course like that. Also unreal eagle by Seppo on hole 17, as soon as he gets his putting right he can beat anybody.

    17Joaquinn17Joaquinn2 vuotta sitten
  • This round of golf pleases the gods

    Chris PfeifferChris Pfeiffer2 vuotta sitten
  • i love when the two of you are both in a good mood =)

    E ZE Z2 vuotta sitten
  • Excellent play by everyone. Men and ladies made it look easy. thanks for coming close by that i could be there for the great lesson.

    Brent SuleckiBrent Sulecki2 vuotta sitten
  • Uli should be commentating on every video!

    callawaygolfprocallawaygolfpro2 vuotta sitten
  • I believe it was Andrew Fish who almost took out the puppy in round one

    Jeffrey VoorheesJeffrey Voorhees2 vuotta sitten