2017 Vibram Open | Round 3, Front 9 | Barsby, Locastro, Conrad, Masters

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Jomez Productions in association with Innova Champion Discs, the Disc Golf Pro Tour, and Overstable Studios presents Third Round MPO Lead Card coverage of the 2017 Vibram Open.
Commentary by Jeremy Koling & Nate Sexton
Gregg Barsby
Nikko Locastro
James Conrad
Nicholas Masters
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Music by Starframe Audio
Scorecard photos provided by Overstable Studios &
Alyssa Van Lanen Images
Statistics provided by David Clancy
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  • I place my faith in Folf Jesus.

    Danny LandrumDanny Landrum2 vuotta sitten
  • anyone else catch the "dead in the center of the heart of the chains" reference??

    MK212074MK2120743 vuotta sitten
  • Didn't hole 9 used to be a par 4? Has anyone been able to hit the green with a drive? Maybe in practice?

    Leonard BlackburnLeonard Blackburn3 vuotta sitten
  • Thanks I fucking love you

    Joe WeintraubJoe Weintraub3 vuotta sitten
  • Absolutely love the BigSexy duo. Thanks so much!

    Stephen SeabrookStephen Seabrook3 vuotta sitten
  • hey, come BIG SEXY didn't comment on Nikko Castros orange shirt, putter, and basket on hole number 8

    Marty SmithMarty Smith3 vuotta sitten
  • Hi guys how Is life please pick me for the giveaway!

    Lawrence TaylorLawrence Taylor3 vuotta sitten
  • Anyone catch Jerm say "He did get up and down" after the Barsby ace? 😂😂😂 #IronLeafreference

    blargy72blargy723 vuotta sitten
  • great new drinking game: take a shot every time Big Jerm says some form of "take your medicine".

    Peter CramPeter Cram3 vuotta sitten
    • Peter Cram 😂😋

      LifeNirvana1LifeNirvana13 vuotta sitten
  • Cant give enough credit to jomez pros and lead card, obviously! Such a quality play and filming, love it! Ofcourse i have to thank also sexy commentary, heh..

    Mika FihlströmMika Fihlström3 vuotta sitten
  • 16:15 Ace!

    c0nsci0usnessc0nsci0usness3 vuotta sitten
  • Nate says the word "reaction" like 20 times on each set of 9 holes

    James WhiteJames White3 vuotta sitten
  • Not even a slight reacton on Masters' save on 3... that was an amazing shot!

    John DoeJohn Doe3 vuotta sitten
  • "Fewer twos on this hole", not less twos.

    Kevin HerringtonKevin Herrington3 vuotta sitten
  • Good stuff Jomez and crew and awesome commentary ! Curious what pants Nikko is wearing?

    Eric BeichEric Beich3 vuotta sitten
  • That Iron Leaf stamp at 17:00 :) Can't tell what disc it is though...

    MaxsurlekMaxsurlek3 vuotta sitten
  • Nikko is putting with Daggers!

    Jesse KiefferJesse Kieffer3 vuotta sitten
  • The disc IS scorpius

    Arul YogaswaranArul Yogaswaran3 vuotta sitten
    • Was looking for this comment, thank you

      Andrzej LabinowiczAndrzej Labinowicz3 vuotta sitten
  • Congrats to Greg, an Ace without BigJerm on your card is truly a feat. On a side note, Jomez deserves an award for the amazing coverage every week this year. Killing it!

    Alex The GreyAlex The Grey3 vuotta sitten
    • Alexander Broome he was still there though so it counts for the tally

      Jake RiceJake Rice3 vuotta sitten
  • Thatza gunna bee

    shaky ___shaky ___3 vuotta sitten
  • big jerm, takin a shit load of medicine

    Alex IsotaloAlex Isotalo3 vuotta sitten
  • What happened to Bradley Williams?

    Curve Course Blitzball LeagueCurve Course Blitzball League3 vuotta sitten
  • As a forehand player I tend to follow Barsby's lines but what does he throw? I know eagles but L or X? We need an ITB

    TheMrTNASTYTheMrTNASTY3 vuotta sitten
  • James Conrad = disc golf jesus

    Jon DoeJon Doe3 vuotta sitten
    • Jon Doe are u saying that if u give him a fish and some bread, that the feast will last for days and the whole turnament field is going to be feed?

      schweborschwebor3 vuotta sitten
  • Does anyone throw Innova Star SL‘s anymore? One of the best discs ever

    Dustin IngeDustin Inge3 vuotta sitten
    • Dustin Inge man I'm glad someone else knows of that certain disc first one I ever bought, used, best disc I ever owned lost it though 😭

      jacob rieckjacob rieck3 vuotta sitten
    • I think Barry has pre-flight number ones and throws them on occasion.

      Alex The GreyAlex The Grey3 vuotta sitten
  • Thanks

    Derrick JeffressDerrick Jeffress3 vuotta sitten
  • This is honestly with all due respect - but does Nikko typically struggle with putting? I've been getting back into regularly playing and watching coverage lately, and don't really ever see the other guys hitting the cage much at all. Cheers to Jomez and the team for amazing productions!

    Gray DGray D3 vuotta sitten
    • Ah okay, thanks for the background info!

      Gray DGray D3 vuotta sitten
    • It has been kind of a known thing over the last year or so that he was working on some different styles and at times could lose his touch.... he has the skillz for sure..... its between the ears that can get us all!

      Brian OffnerBrian Offner3 vuotta sitten
  • James raptor beard

    Preston DavidPreston David3 vuotta sitten
  • We want the Sexton Beard back!

    Miguel CastilloMiguel Castillo3 vuotta sitten
    • Miguel Castillo we NEED the beard back!

      ThrowinFireThrowinFire3 vuotta sitten
  • Barsby and Conrad taking over the golf world. Where's wysocki and mcbeth? This is crazy lol

    Miguel CastilloMiguel Castillo3 vuotta sitten
    • Pretty sure Ricky was busy winning the tournament.

      Jared HJared H3 vuotta sitten
    • Miguel Castillo theyre 1 (wysocki) and 2 (mcbeth) in the tourney after 3 rds

      Gojira GraphicsGojira Graphics3 vuotta sitten
  • Hey Jomez guys! I have a suggestion! I think it would be a unique and clever idea to add an animation to the score card to draw a little attention to any aces on the card. I'm imagining a creative little flip of the 1. Great work too!

    Lucas GooddingLucas Goodding3 vuotta sitten
  • Anyone know what kind of conditioner James Conrad uses? It's incredible.

    AJ BrownAJ Brown3 vuotta sitten
    • vabeachroach lol - yes dude!! I used to use that stuff! Kept my mane so long and silky!!

      AJ BrownAJ Brown3 vuotta sitten
    • Original Mane ‘n Tail conditioner.

      vabeachroachvabeachroach3 vuotta sitten
  • "Positive tree-direction right there." Not sure if Nate caught that one but I appreciated it.

    David ClancyDavid Clancy3 vuotta sitten
  • i dont understand how tourneys that are this big dont get chase card coverage, especially since after the fact we know what was going on. step up manufacturers and the rest of yall making money off these players' skills

    Andrew ChoateAndrew Choate3 vuotta sitten
  • Its so arousing when big germ said jacksonville, fl🍆🍆🍆

    YellowFlashYellowFlash3 vuotta sitten
  • Big Sexy!!!!!!!

    Benjamin EaksBenjamin Eaks3 vuotta sitten
  • I was hoping to see Conrad's tumble on hole one in a SloMez replay.

    SpacemanSpiff23SpacemanSpiff233 vuotta sitten
  • Jerm: "take a look here, you can see this is clearly 9.5 inches, it's been over 9 inches all week, this is gonna hard to take." Nate: "Ohhh, ooooh, Absuhlootly."

    Dustin JohnsonDustin Johnson3 vuotta sitten
  • Haha "Jame" cause there are 2. Jerm still holding onto that joke :D

    Evan LoshEvan Losh3 vuotta sitten
  • Nikko in the holiday spirit? Cuz of all those Xmas trees?

    Matthew UrbanMatthew Urban3 vuotta sitten
    • I believe he's referring to his orange shirt being in the spirit for holloween possibly.

      Philip SeegertPhilip Seegert3 vuotta sitten
  • Nate sexton is so good on commentary. Then you add Big Jerm with him and it's even better!

    AJAJ3 vuotta sitten
    • I like Natty Sex commentary, I like Big Jerm commentary. I'm not sure if I like them both at the same time commentary.

      taylor vicetaylor vice3 vuotta sitten
    • Andrew Nye and big jeremy

      Arul YogaswaranArul Yogaswaran3 vuotta sitten
  • conrad is so nasty at putts outside of 50'

    Scott HinkensScott Hinkens3 vuotta sitten
  • "From the far left... in the holiday spirit" is one of the best puns I've ever heard

    Morris FabbriMorris Fabbri3 vuotta sitten
    • I dont get it :(

      rodlundcyclerodlundcycle3 vuotta sitten
  • I Love this course

    Rodrigo IssaRodrigo Issa3 vuotta sitten
    • wizzolf schaferhund hahahahahahahaha

      Rodrigo IssaRodrigo Issa3 vuotta sitten
  • Who thumbs down?! Grow up

    Lawrence DunnLawrence Dunn3 vuotta sitten
    • Honestly who cares though. I'm enjoying the content, haters gonna hate

      c0nsci0usnessc0nsci0usness3 vuotta sitten
    • They probably just did it because Locastro is on the card.

      John WillisJohn Willis3 vuotta sitten
    • I know, right? It's been ten minutes, not even enough time to watch and evaluate the content, which is always top notch. Some people.

      R DabR Dab3 vuotta sitten