2017 Konopiště Open Feature Card Round 1 Front 9 (Lizotte, McBeth, Paju, McMahon)

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Our Konopiště Open 2017 tournament footage continues with the men's feature card, consisting of the defending champion Simon Lizotte (GER) accompanied with Eagle McMahon (USA), Paul McBeth (USA) and Seppo Paju (FIN), who were chosen for the feature card by fan votes. This video shows the front 9 of round 1 at the beautiful but challenging Franz Ferdinand course in Benesov, Czech Republic.
Commentary by Simon Lizotte and Eagle McMahon
Produced by The SpinTV / Jomez Productions
Made possible by Innova Discs
© The SpinTV 2017

  • Does anyone else think Simon is cocky?

    Justin 1Justin 114 päivää sitten
  • Czech Republic is really beautiful country

    Petr ŽilinskýPetr Žilinský6 kuukautta sitten
  • “How are you Simon?” Yap.

    sam21ynwasam21ynwaVuosi sitten
  • If Seppo hit his make-able putts, he'd be winning as many tournaments as Wysocki and McBeth.

    cro4591cro4591Vuosi sitten
  • Why is Simon so negative, sounds like a typical nazi

    Kenneth JohanssonKenneth Johansson2 vuotta sitten
  • Btw, Seppo's last name is pronounced as "Payu" not, Paadzhuu", he is not mexican! :) Otherways good job lads!

    cavekascavekas2 vuotta sitten
  • This ain't on jomez right?? Hole 8 when they are putting

    Eli DunnawayEli Dunnaway3 vuotta sitten
  • Simon is so cocky... Or is that just him trying to be funny? Cause just hearing his voice it sounds really cocky and arrogant

    Elijah MillerElijah Miller3 vuotta sitten
  • These productions of late with more rounds and dynamic commentary with 2 persons either 2 pros och for example Jaimie + a pro etc are the best productions out there! I have even rewatched all 2017 events both on Spin TV and Jomaz and many of them are A+ I especially like dynamic duo commentary as Simon+Eagle, Nate + Jerm etc

    Kim LodfeltKim Lodfelt3 vuotta sitten
  • What's this called? I like frisbee

    Erick JanichErick Janich3 vuotta sitten
    • Jonathan Buchter huh. That's a good name for it. Thanks John

      Erick JanichErick Janich3 vuotta sitten
    • Erick Janich disc golf

      Jonathan BuchterJonathan Buchter3 vuotta sitten
  • Ich love Eagle and Simon as commentators 🙂

    VMax8VMax83 vuotta sitten
  • Eagle doing Eagle things

    Otto GaddingOtto Gadding3 vuotta sitten
  • 18:55 Did Eagle just drop Linkin Park lyrics? -_-

    Filip de BéscheFilip de Bésche3 vuotta sitten
    • Filip de Bésche unfortunately he did... In a very cringy manor

      Elijah MillerElijah Miller3 vuotta sitten
  • Excellent commentary guys. It is the way disc golf commentary should be, relaxed and casual.

    Zaekyr 0Zaekyr 03 vuotta sitten
  • My fav commentators, keep up the good work.

    Aaron HarlowAaron Harlow3 vuotta sitten
  • Eagle: "How are you, Simon?" Simon: "Yeah..."

    Tempo ArchiveTempo Archive3 vuotta sitten
  • Bro these ads are KILLING ME. down votes bc of them all. Unwatchable.

    Dan TannerDan Tanner3 vuotta sitten
  • 'Props to the drone flyer' Ha.

    Michael SloanMichael Sloan3 vuotta sitten
  • What do you guys mean bullseye in this video

    Louis BrownellLouis Brownell3 vuotta sitten
  • Seriously? Way too many stupid redundant ads.

    Sean NguyenSean Nguyen3 vuotta sitten
  • Poor sicko Simon and Eagle, they're adorable! Love the commentary! Thank you!

    beccakephart14beccakephart143 vuotta sitten
  • 18:55 How big was Eagle's grin when making that dad joke?

    ShealoacShealoac3 vuotta sitten
  • Simon had me rolling with the commentary lol. Definitely one of the better commenting duo with Eagle!

    TheRealTaegashiTheRealTaegashi3 vuotta sitten
  • Whoever's idea it was to put an ad between each and every hole is a greedy dick. With that said, they did not bother me near as much being only a few seconds long. Buttttt, I mean really, everyone knows who innova and disc mania is... I try out different discs from different companies, I keep what works for me in the bag. You're not gonna subconsciously brainwash me into buying your stuff by beating images of your name into my head, you're just pushing me away.

    James WilliamsJames Williams3 vuotta sitten
  • So.many.ads.

    Ridge HallRidge Hall3 vuotta sitten
  • Please add distance in feet too! I know I'm an ignorant american but i have not idea how far 319 meters is lol

    AlwaysDunnRightAlwaysDunnRight3 vuotta sitten
    • The conversion between ain't that hard, i've had to learn it 'cause it's quite common in DG coverage to only give the distance in feet. All you have to know is that 330 feet is about 100 meters, and 100 feet is about 30 meters.

      jazzzzzCatjazzzzzCat2 vuotta sitten
    • Dude.. lazy ass

      Ethan KutcherEthan Kutcher3 vuotta sitten
  • Remember the good times when there were only 1 ad in the beginning and 1 in the end? It doesnt even matter ..

    Rivo RahuojaRivo Rahuoja3 vuotta sitten
  • What's that white stuff on the first tee pad? Is it frost or snow?

    James HickmanJames Hickman3 vuotta sitten
    • James Thomas oh, thanks! I was confused because it looked a lot like frost but it was a warm day!

      James HickmanJames Hickman3 vuotta sitten
    • That's extra sand, which DiscGolfPark TeePads use as infill between the blades of turf. It's usually spread evenly throughout, but since these are temporary, they may have been conserving material. It's most important to have sand on the turf where you pivot/release. :)

      James ThomasJames Thomas3 vuotta sitten
  • "look at his angry eyes....beast eyes....beast is not pleased" (Lizotte/McMahon)

    spliffwizard420spliffwizard4203 vuotta sitten
  • I wonder how many people have broken bones falling off of those goofy raised teepads.

    Pip ?Pip ?3 vuotta sitten
  • Definitely not a Avery commentary

    DiscingFoolDiscingFool3 vuotta sitten
  • What I got most out of this is how Simon feels about Paul. The tension is real.

    Tyler BuseyTyler Busey3 vuotta sitten
  • great commentary. I think you guys should forget FPO cards and focus on MPO. Get those out quick and good. Nobody wants to watch FPO.....

    Nothing NewNothing New3 vuotta sitten
  • Jomez excellent footage as always. Innova best way to ruin good coverage is to chop of the drone footage so it doesn't make sense and put an ad between every hole. I'm not against ads in videos. But this was overkill. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

    Nick HansonNick Hanson3 vuotta sitten
  • Great work! But please come on..... i get it it's innova/discmania stop it with the 2-5 ads for the same brand.... This just pisses ppl off and the ad gets the super negative effect. So please chill innova/discmania...

    ANGRA9000ANGRA90003 vuotta sitten
  • Ads between each hole is a bit much.

    KaisersozeKaisersoze3 vuotta sitten
  • Distances are only metric? Please also convert to Feet for us Yanks

    Andrew SchoberAndrew Schober3 vuotta sitten
    • It will happen the day the 'mericans convert to metric for the rest of the world.

      Ethan KutcherEthan Kutcher3 vuotta sitten
    • do you really need someone to hold your hand for a simple conversion you should have learned in 4th grade? 3.28 ft per meter

      Pip ?Pip ?3 vuotta sitten
  • meters to ft calculation is needed.

    Jared Garrett-SocialAnxietyJared Garrett-SocialAnxiety3 vuotta sitten
    • Or a rudimentary understanding of the metrics system...? I have a feeling a large portion of their viewers are not from the US.

      Jack HeintzJack HeintzVuosi sitten
  • Jomez? I thought this was Spin TV?

    Eric LivesayEric Livesay3 vuotta sitten
  • I feel bad for eagle how many jokes you think he's told that went right over Simons head

    umbraumbra3 vuotta sitten
  • lump the commercials together after like hole 5, having them in between breaks the flow. I understand you need to have commercials, but just not after every hole

    Jack HamlinJack Hamlin3 vuotta sitten
  • Back 9? Some kind of tech trouble?

    Patrick KnowlesPatrick Knowles3 vuotta sitten
  • Back 9? Back 9? Anyone? Anyone? Back 9?

    Caleb BlatzCaleb Blatz3 vuotta sitten
  • Thanks Spin. The 5.5 sec "ads" are no big deal. Great filming. Great commentary. Much better than Koling's nonstop talking and Jenkins awkward commentary. And yes, Innova pays for all this so why shouldn't they promote their product.

    mtp9214mtp92143 vuotta sitten
    • mtp9214 koling is good lol. Avery is terrible though

      Elijah MillerElijah Miller3 vuotta sitten
  • A lot of people find a reason to bitch about anything.... Keep on keeping on boys!

    Mark OndreyMark Ondrey3 vuotta sitten
  • Please level the audio volume of the ads to the volume of the main feature.

    BMW HOBOBMW HOBO3 vuotta sitten
  • Simon, on hole 6, I concentrated and went back in time to mess up Paul's putt, then I concentrated on you making yours. You're welcome.

    cro4591cro45913 vuotta sitten
  • Where's the back nine?

    brandon wigginsbrandon wiggins3 vuotta sitten
  • Simon: "Jomez is decent at their job!" :D lol!

    Jesse DillerJesse Diller3 vuotta sitten
  • simon sounding a lot more full of himself recently

    FrederickHiemerFrederickHiemer3 vuotta sitten
  • I love hearing them argue about what disc the other one should have used. Not only is it funny and says something about their relationship, but it gives some insight into how they think about discs.

    doktarrdoktarr3 vuotta sitten
  • An ad after every hole?? Really?

    Jonathan StewartJonathan Stewart3 vuotta sitten
  • why 60fps need better computer 480 is poor quality but..720 normal fps please

    3rd Baker3rd Baker3 vuotta sitten
  • am i the only one who feels sorry for Paul being left out of caster teams? He definetly has to offer proper insights . Just why isn't he as loved as Koling/Sexton or Lizotte/McMahon? I like both caster teams a lot, just am curious as to why McBeast is left out

    Carsten RohrmannCarsten Rohrmann3 vuotta sitten
    • We try new things often, just to mix it up and see how it plays. For example - I'm completely absent from commentary at this event this year. It's cool to have lots of different perspectives. I can't speak for how other channels choose their lineup, but our mentality is basically that we're not afraid to experiment and share the love.

      James ThomasJames Thomas3 vuotta sitten
    • Carsten Rohrmann I can't speak for why Simon or Eagle do it, but Nate and Jerm both have Patreon accounts, meaning with every video they commentate they get paid (depending on how many patreons they have). This really helps them to continue touring. Paul makes enough from sponsors and winnings that he doesn't need the extra money from commentary. So he might let others commentate because he knows it helps them out.

      Jeb LavenderJeb Lavender3 vuotta sitten
    • He's got that woman now.

      filoIIIfiloIII3 vuotta sitten
    • Sounds reasonably, haven't considered that

      Carsten RohrmannCarsten Rohrmann3 vuotta sitten
    • Carsten Rohrmann Paul has way more focus in to the game it self so maybe he doesnt want to do comentary

      Eero HakanenEero Hakanen3 vuotta sitten
  • So hard.

    skrallan100 kekskrallan100 kek3 vuotta sitten
  • Love the crush bros commentary.

    Brendan RyderBrendan Ryder3 vuotta sitten
  • You guys do ads between each hole now? Ill stick with Jomez

    JacrispyFPVJacrispyFPV3 vuotta sitten
  • ZERO props to the drone footage. it's impossible to keep track where we are if you cut each clip into 5 different shots. PLEASE just make it one singular clip and just speed it up if you have to save time. otherwise it's too confusing. I know i'm not the only one that feels this way

    candid logiccandid logic3 vuotta sitten
    • yeah sorry if my feedback seemed rude or negative I just felt I needed to make a bolder statement in order to get my point across

      candid logiccandid logic3 vuotta sitten
    • Totally agree. If I didn't know the course, I would definitely lose track on those long par 4/5s. SpinTV should take this as a good feedback and listen to their viewers, that's how they can really improve their content.

      Daniel KonečnýDaniel Konečný3 vuotta sitten
    • Yeah, a single shot just looks way better.

      JesterianJesterian3 vuotta sitten
    • tyvek05 I disagree with your assessment.

      James ThomasJames Thomas3 vuotta sitten
    • candid logic ew, gross. I hate that Benny hill sped up look.

      James ThomasJames Thomas3 vuotta sitten
  • by far my favorite commentary I've listened to on any tournament video.

    Keith StewartKeith Stewart3 vuotta sitten
  • awesome commentary lads!

    James KnoxJames Knox3 vuotta sitten
  • Woo EagleZotte commentary!

    Seth HeasleySeth Heasley3 vuotta sitten
    • Seth Heasley Seagle.

      Stephen HillStephen Hill3 vuotta sitten
  • Been waiting so long for this! Simon gonna get 1st again!

    Bulk BoganBulk Bogan3 vuotta sitten
  • I really hate the ad's between each hole. It throws me off and it breaks the flow of the game

    Jacob LaFreniereJacob LaFreniere3 vuotta sitten
    • Tim Romecki again as I said before I know they need ads but for example jomez productions has 1 or 2 ads in there whole video not an ad between each hole. It's annoying and takes away from the experience

      Jacob LaFreniereJacob LaFreniere3 vuotta sitten
    • Perhaps you'd rather pay for it?

      Tim RomeckiTim Romecki3 vuotta sitten
    • Andrew Leyland Jamie Thomas

      James HickmanJames Hickman3 vuotta sitten
    • *sigh* you entirely missed the point...

      Shane BentleyShane Bentley3 vuotta sitten
    • Shane Bentley ur like so cool. I can't think of anything cooler than having a secondary screen while screen locked into another program. Come on man, you obviously know how to use a computer, don't be a douche. Also I would probably bet that 90-95% of people are watching this on mobile or iPad.

      ThrowinFireThrowinFire3 vuotta sitten
  • Amazing coverage and commentary as usual! Simon does well at explaining aspects of the course that aren't easily seen on film. I definitely thought Franz Ferdinand was flatter than he is describing. It might be further in the future, but to see the elevation and terrain for each hole mapped out with a graphic during the drone fly-through would be amazing!.

    RadwynfiniteRadwynfinite3 vuotta sitten
  • Does anyone know the song @28:15?

    RHRH3 vuotta sitten
  • eagle your sick cause you dont eat meat bro! it helps build up your immune system man, get ya a big ass steak

    Kaleb RangeKaleb Range3 vuotta sitten
    • As someone who enjoys meat, eating less meat if not any at all is better for you. You have to choose the right things to substitute the proteins.

      zombieface98zombieface982 vuotta sitten
    • breh

      TJGTJG3 vuotta sitten
  • Just waiting for Eagle to do it big, I think he's got what takes to be a world champ!!

    Justin GarJustin Gar3 vuotta sitten
    • this comment has aged pretty well

      tosse96tosse962 vuotta sitten
    • I think he had a strong chance at usdgc 2016 if it wasnt ended before the final round. I think he would have taken jerm out.

      dennis monizdennis moniz2 vuotta sitten
    • blueboy2727 Yes and absolutely not.

      Eagle's VlogsEagle's Vlogs3 vuotta sitten
    • blueboy2727 idiot

      wayfast27wayfast273 vuotta sitten
    • He's got to become a more consistent putter. And quit being a vegan.

      blueboyblueboy3 vuotta sitten
  • they are getting at each other the whole time.

    Jake PhelpsJake Phelps3 vuotta sitten
  • Hooooooohhhyyeeaaaaaaaahhh! Best Commentary right here! Sorry Jerm and Nate hahah lets go!!!! i havent evwn watched it yet lol 🤓

    Jacob A.M.Jacob A.M.3 vuotta sitten
    • Ian's fun because he seems like he's stoned and having a good old time when he does it.

      zen babaloozen babaloo3 vuotta sitten
    • in all seriousness, any commentary with CCDG's Ian Anderson teaming with Spin TV's Jamie Thomas is an A+. Sexton is great as well if he's added to the mix. All three of those guys bring commentary as if they're having a real conversation with someone, it's natural.

      Joe MamaJoe Mama3 vuotta sitten
    • all of the announcers are cool. I'm happy to be able to get analysis on the various holes. Eagle and Simons banter is pretty funny

      Gene HuntGene Hunt3 vuotta sitten
    • HAHAH good one...

      Jacob A.M.Jacob A.M.3 vuotta sitten
    • Jacob A Montgomery nah best commentary is Jamie Thomas

      Elijah MillerElijah Miller3 vuotta sitten
  • Yessss love this video, love these two guys, love this card, love my life, love disc golf, love you all.

    JesterianJesterian3 vuotta sitten
    • Seriously man! You’re positivity is inspiring to me!

      James DeMileJames DeMile6 kuukautta sitten
    • The world needs more of this :D We love you too, Jesterian.

      Jack HeintzJack HeintzVuosi sitten
  • SO glad I got to watch this!!

    ShimaneeShimanee3 vuotta sitten
  • Eagle with the Linkin Park reference that went by Simon.

    Heretik ErikHeretik Erik3 vuotta sitten
    • he definitely missed it. He's missing a lot of Eagles references.

      Heretik ErikHeretik Erik3 vuotta sitten
    • I doubt this one made it over Simon's head. That song played all over the world.

      Johan SokaJohan Soka3 vuotta sitten
    • In the end it doens't even matter ... had to find this comment, had to be here.

      dethjindethjin3 vuotta sitten
    • Erik Hooper he didn't say it right, "I try so hard and got so far"

      marklfigmarklfig3 vuotta sitten
    • Erik Hooper that was classic at 18:54!

      Gene HuntGene Hunt3 vuotta sitten
  • Nice job-enjoyable commentating

    Bill NewmanBill Newman3 vuotta sitten
  • where is the back 9?

    Pontus OlssonPontus Olsson3 vuotta sitten
    • For whatever reason they are wasting their time with FPO garbage.

      Nothing NewNothing New3 vuotta sitten
    • im surprised they dont have the back nine up yet.

      Mr SirMr Sir3 vuotta sitten
    • Looks like Ladies First this year: "Two divisions, two champions."

      edwoodsredwoodsr3 vuotta sitten
    • Pontus Olsson orr nooot

      Eero HakanenEero Hakanen3 vuotta sitten
    • Pontus Olsson they edit and upload them as fast as possible, you can expect it within the next few hours

      Elijah MillerElijah Miller3 vuotta sitten
  • Best commenting duo!!

    netposernetposer3 vuotta sitten
    • net poser It is!!

      ShimaneeShimanee3 vuotta sitten
  • The next day video and commentary is amazing!

    Jameson BooneJameson Boone3 vuotta sitten
  • eagle commentary FeelsGoodMan

    M4k3M4k33 vuotta sitten