2017 Konopiště Open Chase Card Round 2 Back 9 (Rokkanen, Stampfer, Tetzel, Lätt)

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Konopiště Open 2017 coverage continues with the open division chase card - Luukas Rokkanen (FIN), Dominik Stampfer (GER), Marvin Tetzel (GER) and Silver Lätt (EST) on the beautiful Franz Ferdinand course in Benesov, Czech Republic. This video features the back 9 of their moving day round.
Commentary by Avery Jenkins
Produced by The SpinTV / Aku Franssila
Made possible by Innova Discs

  • every time I hear Avery commentary I think of boom goes the dynamite

    sneakerheadjtsneakerheadjt3 vuotta sitten
  • Maybe avery could be the last option for 'narration'. His style makes it tough to listen. Mute is better.

    Jake SongerJake Songer3 vuotta sitten
  • Came here to watch Silver's shot on hole 16 and the other big eagle hole; his forehand may not be as consistent but I would wager he might have the longest forehand in the game currently.

    The Caffeinated OneThe Caffeinated One3 vuotta sitten
  • Once the robots take over, they'll think Avery is an early prototype.

    TheSkelettTheSkelett3 vuotta sitten
  • Avery though geez, he drives me crazy

    Nathaniel DutileNathaniel Dutile3 vuotta sitten
  • My god all you Trolls. Let the negativity go. I'm stuck in northern Scotland on a job. I haven't seen a basket in two weeks, haven't touch plastic in 2 weeks. Watching anything from Konopišté gives me a woody! Thank god for Jomez and Avery, you give me a reason to wake up at 3 am and see some disc golf from the best in the world and the best up and coming talent in Europe. Peace out Chainganster!

    Geoff HarrisonGeoff Harrison3 vuotta sitten
  • Spoiler alert at 8:00! Hopefully we won't learn who wins . . . okay and again at 12:00.

    Dickie BrewerDickie Brewer3 vuotta sitten
  • Don't listen to the comment trolls, this is fantastic coverage, keep up the great work SpinTV!

    Joshua OlmstedJoshua Olmsted3 vuotta sitten
  • Why are these Konopiste videos so laggy? What's going on?

    ᚹᚱᛁᛇᛖᚹᚱᛁᛇᛖ3 vuotta sitten
    • Check the quality. I got it to stop when I switched from 1080p HD to 720p HD in the video settings.

      Sketto8Sketto83 vuotta sitten
    • Jomez has filmed both tours and I think they are pretty good. Don't know what is the issue with this exact video but usually quality is pretty much the same. But then again many of DGWT courses are much more entertaining to watch than DGPT Fountain Hills/Fiesta lakes for example. Fountain Hills had a bunch of nice holes but then some really boring "why to bring pro's who can throw 500+ feet"- type 280 feet hyzer holes. And Fiesta lakes was just crap. You shouldn't make pro's to play a course like that.

      StSgryStSgry3 vuotta sitten
    • DGWT isn't the same quality as DGPT. But at least we have Disc Golf to watch so I'm not complaining

      Derrick JeffressDerrick Jeffress3 vuotta sitten
    • Looks like one of the cameras was messed up. They should've thrown these into the bin because this is subpar.

      Risto SalonenRisto Salonen3 vuotta sitten
  • First!

    tomiottomiot3 vuotta sitten