2016 Konopiste Open: Lead Card Final Round, Back 9 (Lizotte, Nybo, McBeth, Sexton)

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As the official media partner of the Disc Golf World Tour, The SpinTV is bringing you play-by-play tournament coverage from the DGWT 2016 Konopiste Open!
Cinematography: Petri Vilén & Petri Siikanen
Post production: Aappo Kirkko-Jaakkola & Esa Arokki

  • Disc Golf World Tour please come back 😢

    Manuel García GarcíaManuel García GarcíaUukausi sitten
  • Idk what I've watched more, fight club, shawshank redemption, or this. It's like a fine wine. What a round.

    bruce waynebruce wayne3 kuukautta sitten
  • probably one of the best rounds ever filmed in disc golf.

    KallaMigCPKallaMigCP9 kuukautta sitten
  • That course is gorgeous.

    Bucolic _Bucolic _10 kuukautta sitten
  • i bet if Paul re-watches this 3 years later and sees that suit he says "What was I thinking!"

    Perry HowardPerry HowardVuosi sitten
  • Simon doing Simon things. Eagles 17 birdies 18 then goes on and birdies both playoffs to win it. Incredible

    KT420ishKT420ishVuosi sitten
  • @30.50 my favorite shot of all time. the way the disc spins around the basket is truly the best!

    j hORnj hORn2 vuotta sitten
  • Yes the camera work is awesome

    kipscamerakipscamera2 vuotta sitten
  • Lätt means easy in Swedish. Silver easy.

    Jon SweJon Swe2 vuotta sitten
  • This commentary is awful “a little tickle from that tree, and he is gonna have just enough to get past that tree.” Because I have previously asked people to explain their complaints this is what I would convert it to. “A slightly tickle from an early tree but enough momentum to continue and just squeak past the final tree to reach the ideal landing zone.”

    utopiaofloveutopiaoflove3 vuotta sitten
  • what do they do if its a first place tie?

    Big BobBig Bob3 vuotta sitten
    • Ben Dover I believe the continue playing until there is a winner.

      tjotjo3 vuotta sitten
  • This is such a great round. Awesome ending!

    Neon KittyNeon Kitty3 vuotta sitten
  • Simon and Eagle proving once again that they are the funniest and best commentary team!

    Chuck OxfordChuck Oxford3 vuotta sitten
  • Over-active camera work. Disc golf should be filmed with fixed focal lengths and barely any camera motion. The opposite is what we have here, and makes the camera seem "thirsty." Unfortunate distraction.

    Gabriel HutchesonGabriel Hutcheson3 vuotta sitten
  • Anytime Simon beats Paul its a great day for me

    Brian KeithBrian Keith3 vuotta sitten
  • I wish I could just mute jamie thomas...

    Jacob A.M.Jacob A.M.3 vuotta sitten
  • If Simon birdied the last hole, why didn't he have the tee in the playoff?

    alightenedalightened3 vuotta sitten
  • Dude, why do you sound excatly like Eagle McMahon? 😂

    Robert HallRobert Hall4 vuotta sitten
  • I thought there was a hint to who won by the thumbnail for the video; however watching the whole back nine, I figured that must be wrong. Wow, what a finish!

    Brion LamarBrion Lamar4 vuotta sitten
  • turn the volume up 23:52 did simon say "ill try it"? talkin about that roller haha that was a pretty challenging shot.

    Stanley RennerStanley Renner4 vuotta sitten
  • If you get a "wow" out of Simon Lizotte you know you're throwin' alright. 16:12

    MoifMoif4 vuotta sitten
  • As a new player living in Vietnam, these videos are an absolute joy to watch. Thank you so much, SpinTV for quality coverage!

    Ryan ThompsonRyan Thompson4 vuotta sitten
  • gray cod SPINTV

    Oblivion LeftyOblivion Lefty4 vuotta sitten
  • Great battle. So exciting all the way until the end!

    NikoNiko4 vuotta sitten
  • Love the way simon's eagle on 17 sticks the chains and spins all the way around the inside of the basket. Disc had so much spin on it...Sick shot

    Eddy GonEddy Gon4 vuotta sitten
  • Can't believe Paul choked like that on 18 and the 1st of the playoff.

    filoIIIfiloIII4 vuotta sitten
  • BEST frisbee

    mohamed Hanymohamed Hany4 vuotta sitten
  • BEST frisbee

    mohamed Hanymohamed Hany4 vuotta sitten
  • Congratulations SIMON LIZOTTE - "Die MEISTERSLINGER" ! ! Great coverage of this event, some of the best camera work I've ever seen.

    Chuck RhoadesChuck Rhoades4 vuotta sitten
  • Simon is so insanely fun to watch no matter what he shoots

    Nathan NissleNathan Nissle4 vuotta sitten
  • great job Spin TV! Thank you.

    OGmr420OGmr4204 vuotta sitten
  • Thank you for making these videos!

    Danielle FrederickDanielle Frederick4 vuotta sitten
  • Nate flipping his putter drives me mad and I don't know why. Why does he do it?

    Blutige TränenBlutige Tränen4 vuotta sitten
    • Nate and Paul just recently did an event at a local disc golf course near me and a few friends went and actually asked Nate WHY he does it and he said, of course, helps him focus and concentrate and then they told him that it drives me bonkers with no real reason and he apparently had a good laugh.

      Blutige TränenBlutige Tränen4 vuotta sitten
    • Yea just a routine thing. I spin mine in my middle finger like a basketball lol

      Alex the Lego guyAlex the Lego guy4 vuotta sitten
    • It's annoying but it's what people do to focus. Everyone has some weird thing they do.

      No BodyNo Body4 vuotta sitten
  • Recommend watching with the sound off. Good video though.

    Shawn WilsonShawn Wilson4 vuotta sitten
  • Very fun match to watch, great editing, great commentary. I was seriously hoping Simon would win this tourny. When he was two back, on hole 17, right as he threw his second shot I immediately said "In." And it fucking went in. A clutch eagle under the worst circumstances; incredible. I then was thinking, okay, he's still a stroke back and hole 18 is a gimme, and he left it a little short. The eagle was impressive, although there's not way he can still take the Dub. But then KJ and Paul both somehow threw their discs away. I exclaimed, and I quote, "no fucking way, there's no way this is happening right now." It was such a beautiful ending to an intense match-up, a 3-way sudden death. It was only when Paul went OB I actually felt certain that Simon had it and was only solidified when KJ threw wide. Just a great match to watch.

    Des PDes P4 vuotta sitten
  • Spin TV can cover all these foreign tournaments, but they can't cover the World's? THE most important tournament in the sport. Let's not forget no coverage of the Memorial Cup at DeLa for the past two years. smh come on man!

    Aaron SeidlAaron Seidl4 vuotta sitten
    • It's not a free-for-all where you can just go and do whatever you want at any given tournament...

      James ThomasJames Thomas4 vuotta sitten
  • Spin TV can cover all these foreign tournaments, but they can't cover the World's? THE most important tournament in the sport. Let's not forget no coverage of the Memorial Cup at DeLa for the past two years. smh come on man!

    Aaron SeidlAaron Seidl4 vuotta sitten
  • Paul's human????

    Wrestler-StudWrestler-Stud4 vuotta sitten
  • The commentary makes this awkward to watch

    bigpinkeysbigpinkeys4 vuotta sitten
  • I'll see you in Nokia next month!

    Tony BranchTony Branch4 vuotta sitten
  • Wow some great camera work getting the shots and landings on nearly every shot. I enjoy your videos and look forward to more! Holy crap Lizotte on 17 was beautiful!

    Kyle DKyle D4 vuotta sitten
  • Keep up the amazing footage. :D The commentary is decent but remember general broadcast sports rules, you know a play-by-play and a color commentator. It makes sense in this format too. Current guy is awesome, just need a second to create a dialogue :)

    Elle WrenElle Wren4 vuotta sitten
  • Love the dual camera work. Awesome.

    Jim PlattesJim Plattes4 vuotta sitten
  • Good commentary, excellent coverage, congratulations Simon the true champion emerges in the final 9.

    Ukelay13Ukelay134 vuotta sitten
  • Great result!

    Miklas KuoppalaMiklas Kuoppala4 vuotta sitten
  • Best tourney I've ever watched. Thank you.

    Emma Rose HanleyEmma Rose Hanley4 vuotta sitten
  • Simon deserves it. Great round by all

    Heady NickHeady Nick4 vuotta sitten

    programevolutionistprogramevolutionist4 vuotta sitten
  • Beautiful course , beautiful play and great comeback from Simon. Honestly one of the best games ever in my opinion from all the players! well done.

    Julian ZimmerJulian Zimmer4 vuotta sitten
  • is the indian like chanting for or against paul ?

    wacky295wacky2954 vuotta sitten
    • wacky295 that is the traditional, male Finnish mating call.

      Romulo GomesRomulo Gomes4 vuotta sitten
  • WOW go simon

    My NamMy Nam4 vuotta sitten
  • terrific round of disc golf, congrats to Simon!!

    Jared StaplesJared Staples4 vuotta sitten
  • thanks for posting, great coverage!!!

    Logan SweitzerLogan Sweitzer4 vuotta sitten
  • Loving the tour. Keep up the great coverage!

    Aaron SAaron S4 vuotta sitten
  • Holy crap that eagle by Simon

    Jackisaboss1208Jackisaboss12084 vuotta sitten
    • Jackisaboss1208 ikr!

      Rus’s StudiosRus’s Studios3 vuotta sitten
  • better late than never

    StevieGTO4StevieGTO44 vuotta sitten
  • Yay Simon! Sometimes the beast eats you and sometimes you eat the beast. Paul McBeth looking mortal so far in 2016.

    Doug EDoug E4 vuotta sitten
  • best dgwt video yet by far

    ClaytonCrushersClaytonCrushers4 vuotta sitten
  • I wanted to wait to see who won this by watching the video. Had to stay off social media for over a week! It was worth it. Thanks for the coverage. You guys did a great job!

    Lucas CoombsLucas Coombs4 vuotta sitten
    • exactly why I The SpinTV FIstream channel is the only disc golf -themed social media profile I follow, I can't stand spoilers :D

      Miklas KuoppalaMiklas Kuoppala4 vuotta sitten
  • Wow crazy finish for Simon! That was a sick throw in, he deserved the win with that clutch shot!!

    jklim10jklim104 vuotta sitten
  • Thanks SpinTV! That was worth the wait! Even though I knew the result, I still enjoyed that coverage very much ... Great Job!

    David MooreDavid Moore4 vuotta sitten
    • +David Moore Thanks! We try our best to capture the excitement from the Konopiste Open.

      The SpinTVThe SpinTV4 vuotta sitten
  • Always in the woods! That's the best. These manicured courses crack me up

    CAN ControlCAN Control4 vuotta sitten
  • How do they determine that they go to Hole 1, then 17, for the overtime?

    Ralph AndersonRalph Anderson4 vuotta sitten
    • +Ralph Anderson Typically (and I believe this is the case here too) they use a small loop of holes near Tournament Central for time and ease of spectator viewing.

      James ThomasJames Thomas4 vuotta sitten
  • Finally it is uploaded 😃 Thank you for the great coverage!

    T WestT West4 vuotta sitten
  • Awesome Battle!!!!

    SimpleHummanSimpleHumman4 vuotta sitten
  • Great disc golf, great course, great commentary, great camera work, and what a finish by Lizotte!

    Leonard BlackburnLeonard Blackburn4 vuotta sitten
  • WOW, what a Finish! Congratulations Simon!!!

    LA MoneyLA Money4 vuotta sitten
  • well worth the wait! great coverage and commentary @ The SpinTV! didn't say 4 digit separator once.

    j hORnj hORn4 vuotta sitten
    • +j hORn I'll make sure to next time, just for you ;)

      James ThomasJames Thomas4 vuotta sitten
  • Excellent camera work

    sadisticsinonsadisticsinon4 vuotta sitten
  • Superb commentary.

    TruthAlwaysWinsTruthAlwaysWins4 vuotta sitten
  • has anyone seen paul miss a putt like that on hole 11 in the past 3 years?

    Alex PadillaAlex Padilla4 vuotta sitten
    • My first thought was, "I've never seen him do that."

      Al NonymousAl Nonymous4 vuotta sitten
    • +Elephantricity I think it's the hair. Have you noticed his game's been off ever since the new straightedge hairdo? He needs his mojo back.

      Poochy TonPoochy Ton4 vuotta sitten
    • @DB Platypus Not wind, he clearly putted that low

      Alex PadillaAlex Padilla4 vuotta sitten
    • Wind

      Doug EDoug E4 vuotta sitten
    • badly too. it must have slipped. for pretty much any pro it's a tap in

      Joseph MccluskeyJoseph Mccluskey4 vuotta sitten
  • Thank you very much for posting the video

    Zach FlessnerZach Flessner4 vuotta sitten
  • 1:52 -- love how the players are giving KJ respect for a good throw, especially McBeth, who's in pretty fierce competition with him. I wish we could see the players interact behind the tee pad more often.

    Jeromy CaballeroJeromy Caballero4 vuotta sitten
  • Gz Lizotte! That 17 hole was his!

    GramaldGramald4 vuotta sitten
  • Sweet! Thank you for putting this together! You guys rock!

    Jeromy CaballeroJeromy Caballero4 vuotta sitten
  • Woot!!!!

    SimpleHummanSimpleHumman4 vuotta sitten
  • eagle from the knee - Kneagle?

    nataskaosnataskaos4 vuotta sitten
  • anybody knows where in Finland the next european tour is?

    Manateri / Stan_MRIManateri / Stan_MRI4 vuotta sitten
    • +Manateri / Stan_MRI european open on nokialla 2-4 kesäkuuta

      SuperA773SuperA7734 vuotta sitten
    • +Remo Kapanen kiitoksia tiedosta!

      Manateri / Stan_MRIManateri / Stan_MRI4 vuotta sitten
  • awyeahhh its finally here

    NhiaXyooj1NhiaXyooj14 vuotta sitten
  • and just where are the scantly dressed Czech hooter girls? I need to know the score.

    Mike WestMike West4 vuotta sitten
    • +Mike West oh never mind i see that the graphics and the commentator have properly informed of the score. that is progressive thinking spin tv.

      Mike WestMike West4 vuotta sitten
  • Final round footage was amazing! Good work!

    Jawnny PJawnny P4 vuotta sitten
  • 2 Weeks too late

    Stokkeland23Stokkeland234 vuotta sitten
  • It's the one we've been waiting for!! Great footage as always. Thanks for slowing down the editing a bit over round 2's coverage.

    Trevor RenigerTrevor Reniger4 vuotta sitten
    • +Trevor Reniger agreed

      Mike WestMike West4 vuotta sitten

    Travis JonesTravis Jones4 vuotta sitten
  • first

    majesdicmajesdic4 vuotta sitten