2014 Disc Golf European Masters: MPO Final Round Back 9 (Nybo, McBeth, Wysocki, Doss)

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Tune in for the final moments of Disc Golf European Masters from Järva DiscGolfPark, Stockholm, Sweden brought to you by The SpinTV! The European Masters is a new PDGA Major for the 2014 season, played on one of the best courses in the world and featuring the expertise of tournament organizer extraordinaire Jussi Meresmaa and his team, making it definitely one of the most professional tournaments this sport has seen to date.
Commentary for this back 9 video is provided by James Thomas and our special guest commentator Simon Lizotte.
Going into the back 9 of the final round the scores are the following:
Paul McBeth (USA) -32
Karl Johan Nybo (DEN) -31
Ricky Wysocki (USA) -27
Nate Doss (USA) -26
Produced by: James Thomas & Esa Arokki
Made possible by Innova Champion Discs
Copyright The SpinTV 2014

  • Watching this in 2020... Simon's English has improved immensly

    Righteous Truth SpeakerRighteous Truth Speaker4 kuukautta sitten
  • I don't understand. Hole 14 should be very hilly. But this doesn't look like hole 14?

    BelRiose2000BelRiose20004 kuukautta sitten
  • Back when Ricky and Paul had a handshake after the round.

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  • "We've thrown millions of shots" I doubt it.

    TheAnorexicSealTheAnorexicSeal3 vuotta sitten
  • whats a turkey in disc golf? heard him mention it, just curious

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  • I feel like the commentary could stay a little more on point of what's actually happening on screen.

    Ben LanteigneBen Lanteigne4 vuotta sitten
  • Hearing you talk about the North Carolina holes rings so true. I'm relatively new to disc golf and live in NC, and it's living hell trying to thread the gaps

    Jackisaboss1208Jackisaboss12084 vuotta sitten
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  • Did I hear correctly that the commentator was the cameraman? Is he normally the cameraman?

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  • Is that guy reading the names and who has that yellow disc mania shirt and beanie +The Hat Guy

    deepsharkdeepshark5 vuotta sitten
    • @discgolf313 Yes sir!

      The SpinTVThe SpinTV5 vuotta sitten
    • Antti Vuento

      deepsharkdeepshark5 vuotta sitten
  • What a beautiful course!

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  • Man what a great group to represent the sport on television like that. You can tell these guys are all so professional and yet also very friendly and happy even when they don't win.

    Jeb WatsonJeb Watson6 vuotta sitten
  • Thank you for sharing your video. I love disc golf. Congratulations to all the players.

    Raven YangRaven Yang6 vuotta sitten
  • I met McBeth's dad the other day. He said, "I taught him everything he knows."

    Team VerdugoTeam Verdugo6 vuotta sitten
  • Whatch this! SAVE JÄRVA!!!! fistream.info/work/videot/jsV_krq4ol6x0Z8&feature=share

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    • AND SHARE!

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  • EVERYONE!!! JÄRVA DISCGOLF CENTER IS GOING TO BE PUT DOWN!! THEY WANT TO BUILD A CEMETERY RIGHT ON THIS AREA... PLEASE SEND YOUR VIEWS TO stadsbyggnadskontoret@stockholm.se They´re going to make half of the park to start with, then probably the whole thing if we don't react! Help us to keep this top-notch golf park! stadsbyggnadskontoret@stockholm.se

    Petter SandellPetter Sandell6 vuotta sitten
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  • Incredible coverage. Love these broadcasts!

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  • congratulations...you win 7 dollars.

    John CarterJohn Carter6 vuotta sitten
    • you're ruining the joke with fricken disc golf logic. calm down, lol

      John CarterJohn Carter6 vuotta sitten
    • well they may not have the biggest payouts, but it's still several thousand dollars. remember they get good money from their sponsers and bonuses for placing well too. They arent rich, but they make more than alot of people and just by playing disc golf.

      Curtis CoffinCurtis Coffin6 vuotta sitten
  • Thanks for the excellent work, as always. Regarding the link to the live broadcast. Was anyone actually able to figure out how to get the site to work? I didn't invest the time trying to figure out how to translate the page and would appreciate help from anyone with any insight. Thanks!

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    • Did you find any help?

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    • Hello, again. The link still takes you to a site, but not directly to the coverage of this tournament. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Nice sport I found by accident but now Im still watching súper !!!!

    WORPIONSWORPIONS6 vuotta sitten
    • @WORPIONS Welcome! This is my favorite kind of response. I hope you grow to love it as much as I do.

      James ThomasJames Thomas6 vuotta sitten
  • "down the fairway" "putt" if i stand tall and throw something how would a "lie" affect the "strike" at all really weird to hear all the golf terms

    FullTimeHypocriteFullTimeHypocrite6 vuotta sitten
  • Great job. love your videos.

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  • Great coverage. McRobot takes another one. Who will rise to knock him down?

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  • I wonder if the prodigy guys are still throwing prodigy stamped innova discs.

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  • Probably the stupidest thing ever.

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  • Feldberg should be the pro commentator every time he gives the best insight. I feel like I get a better disc golfer every time I listen to him.

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  • anyone have a link to the tv broadcast recording?

    Kitty RoyaleKitty Royale6 vuotta sitten
    • areena.yle.fi/tv/2280725 guess no English captions not available..

      Antti PAntti P6 vuotta sitten
  • Great coverage, not the best commentating - lots of "he's going to throw..." I'd prefer to hear commentary on what's happening, not what's about to happen, and too much chatting with Simon, asking inane sports questions "How does it feel to....?" or "What's it like to....?" rather than commentating on whats happening. Great to see Charlie OB caddying for Paul McBeth.

    Andrew DouseAndrew Douse6 vuotta sitten
  • I disagree that there were spoilers. It was more like foreshadowing, which has been used for centuries to heighten the suspense, not ruin it. Just relax. Spoilers do not ruin the viewing experience. The real pleasure comes from seeing how it happens, not what the final result is. My 2 cents.

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  • I love ccdg and mcfly, but I have to say your coverage is awesome! Sharp, professional commentary, great graphics, love it.

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  • Great video! Awesome commentating as usual. Thanks guys!

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  • Ok so first of all thanks for getting such great coverage of this round however.... Please don't give away spoilers! I know you said near the end that it's not a spoiler that KJ comes 2nd but it can be to some as quite often I purposefully don't look at the PDGA site and things so I don't find out the results. The guys over at CDGC do some awesome coverage and even though they shoot the films, when they come to commentate on it, they treat it likes it's the first time they've seen it. If you could do that it would take your videos to the next level. I also agree with one of the previous comments about not getting too over excited about certain shots. Yes, it's fine to praise shots buts lets keep it professional like you're doing.

    Nick BlakehillNick Blakehill6 vuotta sitten
  • You gave away several putts, before they happened in this video and the front nine.

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  • I am pretty sure all I could do is laugh at that roll away McBeast got too. That was terrible luck.

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  • For reference three birdies in a row is referred to as a "Bang Tear".

    BMW HOBOBMW HOBO6 vuotta sitten
  • Is there a way to watch a replay of the live broadcast?

    Ross McGlothlinRoss McGlothlin6 vuotta sitten
    • @The SpinTV YLE live coverage is in a different league than its US counterparts. That object getting bigger in our rear view mirror is European disc golf.

      McFlySoHigh VideoMcFlySoHigh Video6 vuotta sitten
    • Thanks for watching Ross! The YLE coverage is available here: areena.yle.fi/tv/2280725

      The SpinTVThe SpinTV6 vuotta sitten
  • amazing footage as always, thanks again SpinTV

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  • these videos and your japan open videos have a lot of spoilers in the commentary.

    octopus art.netoctopus art.net6 vuotta sitten
    • and, on 14 "this is a big moment for McBeth" right before he drains a 50 footer for birdie

      Collin DavisCollin Davis4 vuotta sitten
    • It's just because they do this as post-commentary, not live, unfortunately. It's difficult not to let a few things slip.

      Jeb WatsonJeb Watson6 vuotta sitten
    • @BurstFire BBC They called a few putts before they happened.

      Jeb WatsonJeb Watson6 vuotta sitten
    • i feel like the only thing they said was "and this happened" when mcBeast got robbed on 18.

      BurstFire BBCBurstFire BBC6 vuotta sitten
  • Good video but The commentator should be more excited and loose, pauls drive on first hole - he crushed it and you say textbook shot - lol OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG,. That drive is sick probably BEST placement EVER on that hole.

    Poker FacePoker Face6 vuotta sitten
    • I hear you on commenting style @luftisbollen . My excuse will be that it's out of respect for the skills of these players that my threshold for surprise is very high now. It doesn't surprise me that Paul can pull that shot off, he's that good. Thanks for the honest feedback. -JT

      James ThomasJames Thomas6 vuotta sitten
    • @Kujakatti75 Totally agree with you. Commentating is perfect.

      nah28nah286 vuotta sitten
    • And that kind of commentating will ruin just about every sport that is out there. In team sport it's different story. Ice Hockey, Football (the real one), Volleyball and so on and so on. Disc golf is a whole new ballgame. It would be idiotic to rant about shots, I don't care how good of a shot. This sport is as professional as any. I am decent golfer myself and I just love how informative commentators have been during this event covering videos. I was surprised particularly about Simon Lizotte! Magnificent player and an awesome commentator, thanks for that. Anyway, I am a little tipsy and dont want to arque too much with anybody. I go to bed now :) DG is the best sport I know.

      Kujakatti75Kujakatti756 vuotta sitten
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    • Reported again

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  • 13:52 @Antti Vuento

    Niko HarjuNiko Harju6 vuotta sitten
  • Jussi has a great vision to take the sports of #discgolf and he shows by organizing some awesome European tournaments like this and European open. I mean look at the media coverage. That's the exposure we want in disc golf and may be a little more and I believe Jussi is pushing forward in every upcoming majors.

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